How Long Should One Wait After An Ectopic Pregnancy

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MarcsMommy - October 23

Hi. Im new to this forum :) I lost my baby to an ectopic pregnancy on August 31,2008. The pregnancy was in my right tube and they also had to remove a cyst the size of a golf ball :0 from my right ovary so they had to cut me open. Okay, my question is this(How long do we have to wait to TTC?) We want to start TTC this coming Jan. I hope to get some feedback. God Bless


Tory1980 - October 23

I found some info but I am sure you have already been given a great deal and discussed it with your doctor. ------------ If you have had an ectopic pregnancy you should consult your doctor immediately you suspect that you might be pregnant again, so that you can be monitored closely. Similarly, if a period is late, if menstrual bleeding is different from normal or if there is abdominal pain, you should ask to be examined, reminding the doctor, if necessary, of the previous ectopic pregnancy. The outlook for future pregnancies depends on several factors, especially whether the other Fallopian tube appeared normal or not. Most doctors advise women to wait for at least three months to allow time for their body to recover, although individual circ_mstances may vary. Emotional recovery after ectopic pregnancy is very individual; some women want to get pregnant again immediately, while others find the thought of another pregnancy very frightening. You and your partner are the best judges of when - or perhaps whether - you are emotionally and physically ready to try again. As a general guide, after one ectopic pregnancy, 20 per cent of women will experience another ectopic pregnancy, 30 per cent will not become pregnant again and 50 per cent will have a successful pregnancy inside the womb. ------- I think a lot depends upon you and your partner. If you want to try in January I can only a__sume there would be no problem with that unless your Doctor states otherwise. Everything I have read and heard on these forums id 3-6months depending on surgery/recovery and your own decision as to when you are actually ready but this is teh same advice given to practically every woman who has had a m/c ectopic or not. You may need to discuss your personal circ_mstances surrounding the m/c to determine if the Doctor is wanting you to wait longer or if he is going to do further tests. Has the Doctor discussed whether your fertility will be impaired due to you losing the little one and the cysts? Good luck whenever you decide to go for another baby. I hope all is well in your next pregnancy.


Kristin72 - October 28

I too have had an ectopic last Sept '07. I just became pregnant again after trying for 5 months in August '08. I had a sonohysterogram in January and was told my tubes were that is why I started ttc again. I however lost this most recent baby at 8w5d. The hb never started beating. So my advice to you is to get the sono to check for blockages..and get a clean bill of health from an OB b4 ttc again. I wish you all the best. BTW I have had 4 losses in total. 2 missed mc, 1 mc, and the ectopic. The ectopic happend when my lo was 8 months old and I was bf at the time. I wish you all the best..and Tory has given you some valuable info you. Take CAre


leetta92 - June 15

i had my ectopic in late December and now i think i might be pregnant again. is this to early?? what should i do its only been 6 months?


pollyg89 - June 16

Hi, I just had surgery yesterday to remove my right tube and 9 week pregnancy. When we found out about the pregnancy it was such a huge shock! Then it just became exciting! Told our close families and very few friends. Then last Saturday night, I got really bad pains in my right side, thought it was appendicitis, then found out it was ectopic. Its been such a rollercoaster! I am 21 years old and have been with my partner for almost 6 years. We definitely want another chance but have so many unanswered questions! Please can anyone give advice on how long you should wait after the ectopic and how to stay so healthy whilst trying and throughout the pregnancy?!


jcybersmit - July 22

I know what you mean by rollercoaster!! Found out in one day that i was pregnant and had to have emergency surgery to remove the baby ... there was a heartbeat and everything!! So sad and heartbreaking ... I have read and heard that about 3 months is a good period to wait before getting pregnant again. To give your body and your heart time to recover from the operation and loss. Healthy eating should be top of your list. Try quitting coffee and smoking (if you do) also exercise regularly. Just monitor your heart rate so it stays within safe limits. Good book to read would be Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Has lots of good advice and goes through the entire process from conception to birth and after.


jcybersmit - July 22

Oh and multivitamins are also a plus to take while trying to conceive, during and after birth. Pregvit M is a good supplement as well as Pregomega Plus. You can them all from Dischem or Clicks or other pharmacies. Also Folic Acid is a good supplement to take, but there is enough of it in the above mentioned products. Best of luck to you all. :)



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