How Long Till I Can Try Again

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mansell - April 24

i had a m/c at 5 weeks how long do i have to wait till i can try again as we have had unprotected s_x i am worried i could get pregnant now and my body not be ready i dont want to lose another baby


Julie.N - April 24

Hi mansell, i had a miscarriage 2 wks ago. midwife said to wait one cycle b4 trying again, but like alot of people have said i think they just say this for dating purposes. i also think that if your body is not ready yet then u wont become pregnant anyway. if u do become preg then ur body has obviously healed and is ready for another pregnancy. thats what i think anyway!! Good luck!


karen goode - April 24

Hi Mansell I am so sorry for your loss. I have just suffered my 2nd mc last week. My doctor told us to wait 2 cycles before ttc again after our 1st mc. It is not just for dating purposes it is to alow your body to heal. I don't know if you had a D&C or not but I had 2. The surgery is so invasive and uterus lining needs to heal before you can carry another pregnancy. It is personal decision. I understand you wanting ttc. I felt the only thing that would help me get through my mc would be getting pregnant again. Well I waited 2 cycles and here I am again miscarrying. It is too much to bare. Good luck to you


mansell - April 24

i didnt have a d and c as i was only just pregnant and to be honest i had no pain just bleeding for 7 days but the test i did after are now negative thanks for your replys and your right it will happen when my body is ready but the wait is horrible ,karen i really feel for you and i hope things turn out ok , take care


Susan W - April 24

Studies have shown there is NO link between conceiving again right away and having a second m/c, and my midwife told me that too during my m/c. If a pregnancy is going to fail, it's going to fail, and your body will know when it's ready for another pregnancy. I researched this thoroughly, as I conceived again right away and was very worried. Meanwhile, if you aren't ready for another pregnancy again right away, be sure to use adequate protection, but keep in mind no birth control is 100%. But if you have had a negative hpt, if you see a positive, you know it's real. Good luck.


hcw - April 24

Hello Mansell - I'm so sorry for your loss. I too miscarried about 5 weeks ago. My doctor told me that I wouldn't ovulate this first cycle so I didn't need to worry too much about protection. So DH and I indulged a little and then I found the board here about getting pregnant before the first a/f and I sort of panicked a bit. I too was not at all ready, which was a wake up for me - I thought all I wanted to do was try again, but when I realized that I could be pg again already, I was very worried for my body and felt strongly that I wanted to let it rest a little. Since then I have come to be pretty sure that I'm not pg again and am very relieved about it and now DH and I look forward to trying again aftet a/f. So... if my doctor is right (and I've read that other places too - for many many women, the process of getting all your hormones back into line means that levels don't do what they need to do to mature and release an egg) you're probably not pg. But, as several women here can attest, they did get pg... Whatever happens though, it seems like our bodies have a wisdom all their own sometimes and if you are pg, maybe your body wanted it... sorry to be so long-winded! be well, best regards...


oregano - April 25

Hello everyone and sorry for all your losses, I too had a miscarriage due to blighted ovum at 6 weeks. Well actually, the miscarriage process just ended about 20 days ago with a d&c. Before that, we had tried the pill to help miscarry (twice, something called misoprostol; both times there was some tissue and blood left in the uterus). I too want to ttc now, after my first period, but the doctor told me to wait for 3 months. I heard mixed responses from many people. Everybody says it is a personal decision, but I want mine to be based on scientific evidence. However, I am having such a difficult time finding research reports etc. Susan W. has mentioned that studies have shown no link. I would appreciate it very much if any of you can give me some references on this. I understand nothing is for sure, but I would like to wait if the chance of a second miscarriage is significantly higher. If not, I do not want to wait for 3 months and try right after my period. Unfortunately, the doctors are not very helpful in giving information about these issues. Thanks everyone


zinger43 - April 25

oregano...very sorry for your loss...I am in a similar boat as you. I had a mc @ 12 weeks also due to a blighted ovum. I started bleeding on March 13 and they did the D&C on the 15th. I got my af a week ago today. There is a part of me that really wants to get pg again as soon as possible but there is also the thought that maybe i should wait for my body's sake. As it is, i should be ovulating this weekend and we are actually going to Vegas for a getaway. Since we live in PA but actually met in Vegas when I was in college 5 years ago there''s something inviting to the thought of conceiving out there. A little corny, I know, but I can't help it. Anyway...I too would love to know what the jury says on how long it takes to truly heal.



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