How Long Till The Bleeding Stops After Mc

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krystyne - June 2

nd bleeding. i was only about 2 to 3 weeks preg so thats why the fetus came out in the clots. but i was just wondering how long you bleed after miss carrying??? the bleeding has slowed down and the clots havw stopped so i am just wondering how long till it completely stopps and how long you think i should wait to have intercourse again.


Julie.N - June 5

Hi, I bled for 3 weeks, then got af 8 weeks after miscarriage. I am not sure but i think they tell you to wait until the bleeding has stopped completely before intercourse, also i suppose when you feel your body is ready and you yourself feel ready again!


llisab - June 21

Hi Krystyne, I have the same question...I had my miscarriage on April 23, with heavy bleeding and clots, but I'm still spotting on and off 8 weeks later. I hope it is normal. If anyone has advice, please let me know.


Suebee - June 21

krystyne.. ladies... so sorry for your losses. I had a m/c in Dec at 7wks3dys. After I pa__sed the baby, I bled for about a week and got af back in about 5wks (ovulated about 2 wks after m/c). Everyone is different and experience different time frames etc. You should wait until the bleeding has stopped before having intercourse in case of infection and what not. I don't know how long it's been since you've been bleeding but like I said many women have bleeding for weeks on end and others like myself it's about a week or so. Just hang in there and in no time you'll find yourself ttc again. Once your hcg drops down to under 5 (I believe) then you should ovulate shortly after that. llisab... I think it's normal to "spot" after 8 wks but I can't be sure. I think perhaps you should call your doc just in case. Maybe someone on here can answer that better for you.. sorry.. but do call your doc... I'm now 7wks pregnant again so hang in there girls... it'll happen when you're ready... good luck to you...



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