How Long Until Normal Cycles Returned

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jdstrong80 - February 23

Hi all--I had a m/c on 12/9/06 (I was at 9w) and the bleeding lasted until 12/31. I then had a regular af 1/22 - 1/26. Before the m/c, my cycles were always 24-26 days, no irregularity. Today is day 32, and still no sign of af. I've already taken 2 HPT and both were negative. I have been stressed this week (both at work and with having my s-i-l give birth this week to a totally unplanned pregnancy, one with no complications...which brought up lots of sadness I thought I was getting over). Anyways, how long did it take for any of you to get back to regular cycles? I keep imagining I'm feeling pregnancy symptoms but do not want to see another stupid negative sign on the little stick if af is coming...thanks for your help.


sososleepy - February 23

Hi jdstrong80. My mc was after yours and I am waiting for + or af so I can't answer from personal experience I have heard it can take several cycles to get back to normal, and that normal might be a different number of days after as though it reset our clock. I'm collecting negative hpt's too. I'm still hoping though... Hang in there!


jdstrong80 - February 23

I've read from others that the dollar tree is the best place to get the tests....I need to do that, b/c otherwise it's getting expensive! Good luck seeing a +


stefkay - February 23

hi jdstrong! I think I posted this somewhere but today is cd 32 I think sinc m/c started and I should be getting AF anytime now (I temp and they dropped) and I've had some spotting. Definitely hit up the dollar tree if you have one because the tests are a steal for $1 a piece. Their sensitivity is 25miU which is as low if not lower than all the early pregnancy tests that are more expensive. I don't think (might be now) they are listed on so a lot of people don't know about them. Good luck!!!!!!


sososleepy - February 24

jd, yeah, expensive is right! Stef, peeonastic is one of my favorite sites! I also like tcoyf cycle gallery at because I can look at LOTS of other people's charts while I try to figure out mine.


stefkay - February 24

that's funny, I love that site too! I remember when my bfp chart went nuts at the end temp wise, I thought for sure I was NOT pregnant so I found that site and looked for others like mine. It was the only place that I found charts that matched up to mine and were pregnant--and lo and behold I was!



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