How Many Cycles Did It Take To Get Back To Quot Normal Quot

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wondering... - July 14

I have had two cycles since my d+c in april...the first was 27 days, the second was 38 normal cycle is 32 days. i did not ovulate last cycle...used opk all month. does anyone know how many cycles it normally takes to get back to normal?


Kara - July 14

Its been almost 6 months, I'll let you know I get normal. :) It took about 4 months to start to see patterns in my cycle show up again. In all fairness its totally "normal" not to ovulate every month. I think this is part of the reason why doctors tell us to wait three months. So we don't start beating ourselves up and put more stress on our bodies while our systems are trying to get their rhythm back. Be patient with yourself. Best wishes.


Jess - July 14

I had a m/c in March and although my periods are pretty much around 27 days since then I don't think I have ovulated every month. I have been using OPK and haven't really gotten a true + every month. It's frustrating I know. Just yesterday I got my 5th BFN. My Dr did tell me not to start trying until after 3 months but we started trying after 1st AF. My husband too thinks the Dr tell you 3 months because you really have to get back to normal and ovulation will vary. Good luck.


Jenn - July 14

I mc in april, first af was 21 days, second was 26 days, third was 35 days. I am normally 27-29 days, i also don't think that i have O since mc, i am not going to tts until sept but I bought some opks to start checking this month for ovulation.


Tara - August 9

Its amazing how some women can get pregnant after first af and I dont think Im ovulating yet. I had a D&C June 3 and my af came 46 days later. I bought opks and so far have not ovulated and Im on day 23. This is so frustrating!!


crisy - August 12

Hi I got my first af after m/c at 37 days and the 2nd af after 60 days. I am ttc right now. I hope I'll get pregnant. Baby dust to all.


Tara - August 15

I have really good news! I thought I wasent ovulating so I gave my husband a talk about maybe we should wait until my cycles are normal again. I took two packs of ovulation tests and they were all negative. I must have ovulated before I started testing and not realized it because I got a positive pregnancy test today. I took the test because I have been feeling really tiered and my b___sts were sore. I thought because I hadent ovulated that I was just getting af. Im so excited I just hope this one stays so I have a chance to hold it and give it thousands of hugs and kisses. The ladies on this web site have been wonderful I hope and pray for healthy babies for all of us.


Jenn - August 16

Cogratulations Tara, you have given me great hope!!


crisy - August 16

Hi Tara. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. It gives me hope hearing this amazing good news. I wish you a healthy happy pregnancy and a beautiful little baby. Take care and lots of baby dust. God bless you.



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