How Many Is Too Many

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Bel - June 7

Hi all im new to this board im 27 and im from Australia i came on here looking for an answer to a question i had as im up to my 3rd M/C. I have found out i was the 9th attempt for my mum with only 3 of us surviving although she died when i was 21 of cancer so the family answers stopped there. I don't want to get to as many as my mum did, so how many times do you try until its too many??


Suebee - June 7

Hi Bel.. sorry to hear about your m/c as well as the pa__sing of your mum. The last 6 years have been very difficult for you I'm sure. As for your question, it's hard for anyone to tell you how long you should try, that's totally up to you/your family and your physical and emotional state. However, with that being said, have you been for any testing? After 3 m/c surely you've been offered a range of bloodwork have you not? I would start with getting some testing done and talk to your dr about your options. How sad for your mum to have gone through so many m/c's. She must've been a strong woman. Good luck to you Bel and like I said, talk to your dr about getting some testing done and whatever else they can do for you ok! :)


marranie - June 8

There are some simple not too invasive tests you can have when you have multiple miscarriages (ie for lupus). Of course the m/c could be 'unexplained'. I had three m/c in '04 to '05 and am now 28 weeks pregnant, just kept trying but avoided multiple d&c's and the natural m/c were not too traumatic and my body recovered quite well in two cycles, emotionally it was a bit harder but just found it impossible to give up or really more to the point, give in. Also had a few m/c when i was younger between having two children. It is up to you to decide how long you want to keep trying, you are young and have time on your side to take a little break, get some testing done and then decide if you can go through it again.


Daffy - June 12

When you have had your 3rd m/c, it is definitely time to have some testing done. There are different genetic disorders that may be pa__sed down, and with proper testing they can determine what your chances and choices are for future pregnancies. (I recently lost another baby, and tests showed I have an inherited disorder, my grandmother had also lost babies before having healthy ones, so now at least I can try again, knowing what to watch for.) You are still young and if you can handle it emotionally and physically, don't give up yet, just check with your Dr. and hopefully you will soon have your own healthy baby. Best of luck!



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