How Much Bleeding For A Miscarriage

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Chrissy - April 11

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks 1 day but I really didnt bleed..only very light bleeding. I knew I had miscarried cause i passed the sac. I then went to the emergency room and they confirmed that I had miscarried and that I didn't need a D&C cause I was completly cleaned out. The next day I got a call from my family doctor stating that the hospital had called and the sac and tissue is still there but I had had a miscarriage becust my hgc hormone had dropped to 40. I was then to have the ultrasound repeated and it then showed up that I had passed everything...When I passed the sac and I knew I had miscarried I stopped bleeding so how could I hav passed anything if I wasnt bleeding??? I really dont believe that I bleed enough to clean out my system because I have heard people say that you bleed alot and I would have not filled a pad in a whole day...Has anybody had a miscarriage like this??? And can anything left inside me be harmful???


elyse - April 13

When i m/c i did lose a lot and i mean a lot i was further on though. I stopped bleeding more or less straight away as well but the doc's said it was beacuase i had such a big bleed. Which they put down to me having the remains stuck in my uterus. yukk!!!Which they removed and the bleed stopped. I suppose it depends on how heavy your normal cycle is to how much you store. They told me i didn't have much left after i had a u/s and that if it didn't pa__s this time it would with my next cycle.Which i am having at the moment and is very heavy and painfull. Do you have any pain? discharge, temp? if not then i would just wait it out but if you have any problems go and see your doc.The nurse at the hospital also told me that different women have different m/c the one like i had and others just go to the toilet and it's there. Hope this helps take care.


kika - July 15

how did you know you pa__sed the sac?



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