How Much Does A Miscarriage Hurt

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Nica - March 3

At 7 weeks, (today) I found out the baby's heart is not beating. Very bummed, and I guess I'll miscarry soon - how bad is it and how long will the pain last?


Misty - March 3

For some women it is worse then others. From what I hear it is like the cramps that you get when you are about to have your period. I don't get cramping during mine though and for the miscarriage there was only a slight discomfort, and the bleeding (except for when the sac came out) was just like a normal period. If you don't start to miscarry naturally soon though you might need to have a D&C. I didn't have one so I can't tell you what it is like. But if the fetal tissue stays inside you for too long it can create scar tissue that can make it harder for you to concieve and succesfully carry a pregnancy. If it is easier for you try to go it naturally. Just don't wait too long.


Kara - March 3

Nica - I can't speak for a natural m/c, but I can speak for the d/c. Your asleep for the procedure so you don't feel any of that. When you wake up there is some cramping and bleeding, but they give you really good drugs for both. You will probably bleed a little heavy for the first day then bleed lightly or spot for up to two weeks (normally just a few days). I am very sorry about your baby.


To Nica - March 4

When I had a miscarriage I had period like pains and a period like bleed. Some people actually thought I couldnt be having a miscarriage because I wasnt going through alot of pain. I did unfortunately have a miscarriage though, I guess everyone if diferent.


chelle - March 4

so sorry to hear that. i've had 2 and found that the further you are the worse it hurts. its like really bad period. a heating pad on your tummy and/or back can really help ease the pain. also try rasberry tea or tea w/blackberry brandy is the best pain reliever for cramping. Even with periods.


Shannon - March 4

I was about 12 weeks when I began to miscarry. It was actually very painful. I have heavy bleeding and intense cramps that felt almost like early labor pains. This lasted for about 4 days. I had a sonogram and found that the sac was still in there, so I had to have a D & C. I felt better (physically, anyway) almost right away. I was even able to go back to work the next day (teaching kindergarten).


mulgajill - March 4

Depends how far gone you are... mine were at around 10-11 weeks... started with spotting then bad period like cramps... clotty bleeding which eased off over a week. Lots of tears too.


mulgajill - March 4

And it could take awhile if you wait for natural miscarriage to take place, my last one i started m/c on the day of my first ultrasound at 11 weeks... apparently the baby had stopped growing at around 7-8 weeks.... varies in the amount of time it takes your body to realise the fetus is no longer viable


moca - March 4

Thank you to everyone who has answered. I still haven't miscarried though I've started to get the occasional pain in my abdomen. I'm crying right now, am finding I'm very emotional now. But I'll be okay and I appreciate our answers.


stacey - March 4

Nica/Moca- I hope it all goes well for you. Sorry for your loss! I had a d&e, and really didn't have mush physical pain.


chrysti - March 5

i had my m/c today. I had bad cramps this morning and took the prescribed pain killers my doctor gave me. Every time i got a major cramp I would walk to the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom, i would feel something slip out. Alot of yucky big clots, and a fleshy colored human heart looking thing, the size of a quarter came out at one point. After a lot of big clots came out, the cramping mostly stopped. Tonight, my abdomen is a little tender, but I feel mostly fine. The bleeding is pretty minimal.So, basically, my pain only lasted 8 hours or so. this is my experience. my Hcg levels are 5000+ still.


chrysti - March 5

i would have been 10 weeks tomorrow. it was a blighted ovum, so there shouldn't have been much to dischage.



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