How Much Longer Can The Bleeding Last

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AngieMP - January 29

I had a miscarriage on 8th December 2006 and have been bleeding continuously since then - now over 7 weeks! Despite being given Norethisterone (hormone tablets) to supposedly stop the bleeding, this did not do the trick but gave me the most dreadful side affects - I've put on 1.5 stone in 3 weeks, I'm more emotional than ever and also snap for no reason at the slightest thing. Hence, I have now stopped taking the tablets, having been given conflicting information about whether or not I should continue them or increase them from two separate nurses/registrars at the hospital and also my GP. I'm a complete mess and the hospital will no longer help. My GP has tried to help by organising a scan to check that everything has evacuated and there is no problem there, but I stil continue to bleed - more heavily than a normal period. Has anyone else experienced symptoms like this and what was the outcome? At the moment, I just can't see light at the end of the tunnel and the miscarriage is a constant reminder each time I go to the loo and have to change sanitary towels. This is making me feel so low after 7 continuous weeks.


SaraH - January 29

Have you seen an OBGYN, not just a GP? After 7 weeks you should not be bleeding anymore, and you may need a D&C or some other procedure to clean everything out and help you heal (I know you said they did a scan but they can miss things on scan and if your still bleeding then there has to be a reason). After 7 weeks you should not be bleeding heavily at all. See an OB since they specialize in women’s issues. GP's are wonderful and in most cases are all you need to see, but they don't have the same specialization/familiarity as an OBGYN would on this issue, and if the ppl you've seen so far (you mentioned the hospital) don't want to help anymore, then find someone who will as you need to get what's going on w/ your body figured out. Good luck and I' sorry for your loss.


oct19bad - January 30

I agree with Sarah, I bleed for 16 days and then needed a D & C cause of retained tissue. Good luck and sorry for your loss. PLease keep us up dated


ChattyKathy - January 30

Bleeding is only supposed to last for a little bit longer than a normal period. For me it was 11 days, I think. This definitely is not normal. As SaraH said, you need to see someone who specializes in these cases. Make an appointment with an OB/GYN


Sam How - February 3

Hi Angie, After my first miscarriage I bleed for 6 weeks and ended up having a D&E and blood transfusion, Are you living in the uk? If you are go to A&E and damand to be seen by the gyne department, you shouldn't be bleeding this long. I had scan which showed all the pregnancy sack had come away but was still bleeding, when i had the D&E they said that there was still products of conception left. Sorry for your lossx


sososleepy - February 3

Angie, I'm so sorry you're that miserable! I had a dnc following mc this past Monday and went from gushing with giant clumps (OOOUCH) to just the smallest smear when I wiped and a little blob when I used the restroom. That got better daily and now (Saturday) it's gone except a tiny bit this am. Find an OBGYN! Do you have any symptoms of too much blood loss? I tried to get out of the dnc, but my doc said I would probably just keep bleeding and thus need one anyway.


iemc19 - February 7

With my last m/c I bled over 6 weeks - I did go back to see my gp and was told that it could take up to 8 weeks...I had a scan and was told there was nothing left but....It was just a constant reminder and while my dh was able to move on from it slightly, seeing that everyday stopped me from doing likewise.....But it did finally taper of and stop....But I would recommend seeing someone else if it is still so heavy...


KMcDougall - February 10

Hi angie, I am so very sorry for your loss. I started to spot bleed on Janauary 29th and pa__sed the baby on january 31st. My doctor said that i wouldnt need to D&C because my body had already pa__sed everything but that i should expect to bleed for as long at 8 weeks sometimes longer depending on your body. Luckily i stopped withing 6 days, but if you are still continuing to bleed i would definetly go to the doctor just to be sure that everything is ok.



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