How Possible To Have A M C

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CHRIS - June 6

i just had a miscarriage last week and the dr states that after a miscarriage the possiblity of having another one rite after are rare.i'v had tests done and everything came back true is that....


Kim L - June 9

Hi Chirs - so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. :-( I know how awful and traumatic that is, and I wish you all the success in the world at your next attempt. It wouldn't really be that rare to have a second miscarriage - the odds are the same, which is about 1 in 5 (some doctors say 1 in 4) for any normal healthy woman of childbearing age. In fact, it happens often enough that most places don't start testing you for anything until you've had 3 miscarriages. I've had 2, and after the second I got pregnant the first cycle after. And it's the healthiest pregnancy so far! 23 weeks and everything looks great. So hang in there. My best to you!


kayalex24 - June 9

I just had a miscarriage in April and I am 6 weeks pregnant again, I haven't had an ultrasound yet, but I'm hoping that my baby is healthy.


Erin15 - June 9

Hi Chris - I'm sorry for your loss. I completely agree with Kim L's response. My doctors told me the same thing. Your chances are the same. It's a risk you will have to take with great faith when you're ready for it. I'm hoping it works for me soon. Good luck and take care.


kiza - June 10

Hi Chris, I unfortunately had dd stillborn at 20 weeks oct 04, m/c dec 04, m/c march 05, ds born at 21 weeks, 4 weeks ago and pa__sed away after 7 hours ( birth defects ) I have 3 healthy children from 2 pregnancies before that. I have had every test under the sun done and still no one can give me an answer. But I am going to try again. I'm really sorry for how you are feeling at the moment, but don't be scared off by what "might happen". Sometimes things are beyond our control no matter how hard we try. I am living for the present and future now, I would be a complete basket case if i lived in the past, so take the time to grieve for your baby, and when you are ready, move forward with a positive att_tude and a smile. Take care of yourself and remember we are all on here for the same reason, so anytime you want to chat or vent we are here. Kiza xxxxx



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