How Quick Did Your Hcg Levels Go Down After M C

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helen - April 15

I had a d&c 5.5 weeks ago and my HCG levels last week were still 138. I have had another blood test to see if they are still dropping but not got the results back yet. I have really sore br___ts and all other signs of pregnancy but the doc told me I'm not pregnant as my HCG dropped last week. I have asked this before but is there any reason HCG can drop in early pregnancy then rise again? Has anyone else experienced this? I have had spotting on and off for 2 weeks now but no AF at all. Feel like I cant get closure until this is all over one way or the other.


Liz - April 16

I don't really have any answers for you, but wanted to extend my sympathy and let you know I understand. It's been almost 4 weeks since my d&c and I'm still getting a slight positive on a hpt. It's so frusterating. I don't think that it's possible hcg levels drop, unless there is a problem. It makes me so upset, because all I want is a "true" positive, and knowing that it's just from my m/c is so sad. I hope they totally drop soon for you or that you find yourself pregnant very soon :)


Kristin - April 29

Hey, I know how you feel. I had my HCG levels checked twice so far and they have dropped. I dont have an exam until tuesday. It is hard to wait. My doctor has told my that i will most likely mis-carry. It is hard to go through. I send you my sympathy.


Julie - April 29

How far along where you? My HCG at the highest was 340 (I was almost 5 weeks and they where climbing very slowly). When I miscarried they had dropped and a week later it was down to zero (but I didn't have that far to go considering they were not high). Depending on where you where at could be why it is taking so long. It fustrating to go through all this stuff and then have this happen too. I hope everything works out for you.


Brandi - April 29

Has anyone heard of HcG levels RISING after a miscarriage??? I was told (even tho the dr. wasn't 100% sure because he didn't see the clot I pa__sed) that I had miscarried on 4/12. Since then, my bloodwork keeps coming back showing increases...160 on 4/20, 229 on 4/23, and 260 on 2/26... I've had brown spotting (which the dr. isn't concerned about) since 4/24. Anyone EVER heard of this??? Could I maybe still be pregnant?


Jamie - April 30

Helen, I am not trying to give you false hope, but you may want to read up some about ectopic pregnancies (tubal and ovarian pregnancies). Those can make your hcg levels fluctuate. I found out on April 8 that I was pregnant and then I think I miscarried the next day. I had heavy bleeding and some cramping. I wasn't but about 3 weeks along, so my hcg levels were at 487 two days later. The next day they were at 313 and one week after that (April 19) they were at 21. So it is possible that you have an ectopic pregnancy, but I would talk to my Dr about that possibility b/c only you and your doctor can determine what your body is doing.


Jen - April 30

To Helen and Brandi: I had a + beta on 2/10 that started dropping right away. But then it started to go up again. On 3/7 it was confirmed I had blighted ovum (empty sac). The highest I knew of for the hcg level was over 4,000, but I believe it had gotten higher than that. My dr. didn't want to do a D&C as I had a D&C and a hysteroscopy when I m/c'd twins in Sept. '04. So I waited and waited. I bled and thought it was over, but on u/s the sac was still there. 2 1/2 weeks later I was given Cytotec to induce the m/c. I had lots of bleeding and my beta started going down. It finally got to 0 on 4/29.... seemed like it took forever. BUT, there is still something in my uterus according to u/s. I am having a saline sonogram on Tues. and if things look clear I can start trying again. If not, I may need surgery or to do the Cytotec for a 3rd time. (I took it last Fri. for a 2nd time). I know how you all feel! The waiting is horrible, but it does take time. I've been doing aggressive acupuncture treatments w/electrostimulation 2x a week to help move this along! I hope they drop for you soon! And Brandi, I hope maybe you have a little miracle in there. Maybe it started as twins???


Crystal - May 13

I'm also trying to figure out how fast hcg levels are suppost to drop. I found out i was pregnant on 4/6 miscarried on 4/14, my hcg level went from 338 to 258 in 3 days. It has been a month since then and my hcg level is only at 200. The doctors aren't sure if I had a complete miscarriage or if I got pregnant again. They are having me come in to do a follow up to see what way the hcg levels are going.


Steff - May 16

My HCG levels were as follows. Feb 14th ~ Found out I was pg (urine test) Feb 18th ~ HCG was 555 (4 weeks) Feb 27th (date miscarriage started) ~HcG was 1321. March 7th ~ HcG was 21. March 21 ~ Hcg was 2. Considered "not pregnant" and that's what the stupid nurse said when she called. I was like "THANKS" <sarcasm>.


TL - May 16

Crystal - The day I started to m/c was on 4/17-4/18 - I know it was that evening, cause I had awful pain that night, but it had been in process b/c my levels from Friday to Sunday did not double. So may have started sooner. But to answer your question my levels went from like 600something, and only jumped to like 8something by sunday, i believe, then on tuesday they had dropped to like 500something, then two days later dropped to 250 then again the last time i had one done they dropped a little lower than that, so mine dropped pretty quickly, they didn't do any more after the fact, i don't believe. Because I was already bleeding and had pretty much stopped bleeding by the time I got back into see the doctor. So I am a__suming that my levels dropped that quickly, and to zero. Now as for right now, I still don't have no AF. So not sure But I hope this helps out a little. Good luck all !


Crystal - May 16

Thanks for the reply. I go in today to find out what way my hcg is going. I think its going town because over the weekend i've had heavy bleeding and weird stapping pains in the pelvis area.


TL - May 16

Crystal- something else to have him check is to make sure that it is not in your tube as well, I know when I had an ectopic, my levels did not drop as quickly, they sorta stayed around the same level going up and down, and that was in Nov. of 04' - so i have had the ectopic and then had a m/c last month.. Good Luck, keep me posted.


crystal - May 16

TL- Thats what the doctors thought was going on. I went today and found out that my levels are dropping now. He said two things could have happened one i took awhile for my body to expose of the material that had the hormone in it or i was pregnant and because it was so soon after my miscarriage my body was rejecting it because i wasn't healed. The doctor is giving me two weeks to get down to normal. He said by then if my hcg level is normal he is going to give me methotrexate to get rid of what evers left over. I hope it will be normal and i will get a normal cycle because i want to start trying again. After all they say your just as fertile after a pregnancy or miscarry.


TL - May 17

Crystal- I just want to let you know from experience, that the Methotrexate sometimes does not completly get rid of everything, at least it didn't with me, If I am correct, I had a tubal 2 years ago, and they had given me Methotrexate, and then almost a year later, I still was not pregnant, so i went and had an HSG done, and they run stuff through your tubes, to make sure there is a clear path, hurts like **** but we found that when they did that my tube was blocked with something and the stuff they used to run through your tube flushed whatever was in there out. The doc said it was like snot stuck in the tube. So I don't know if that may have been there before I was preg in the tube or if it happend after. Just a thought, I have had that tubal, then flushed my tubes, had another tubal, and then m/c. So we are getting closer. At least we know that it can make it through the tube now. LOL... Good Luck, Healthy baby dust for the future!!!



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