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utopia8302 - February 7

I just had my first mc on Jan 29. How soon should I expect my period? What is everyone else's experience? As soon as I get my period, I will resume taking the clomid again. Please share your experiences. I just don't know what to expect!


sososleepy - February 8

utopia, I started bleeding on Jan 28 and had dnc, still bleeding (chunks) on Jan 29. I saw one of your other posts, you said you were 9 weeks? So was I. No, I pa__sed a bit of white fluffy stuff (think was chorionic villi) and what could have been a yolk sac Sunday night, but the part that I think was the baby in the sac came out in the restroom in pre-op and after being up all night up with cramps and MC ( omg what an awful night!) I was an exhausted emotional disaster and I couldn't figure out how to ask for something to fish it out so I could look... feel like I lost it twice. Wish I'd have looked, tried, something, but I try not to dwell on that since I can't change it. The path report after the dnc came back ectopic, so he drew some blood and checked my tubes the following Friday. I knew it wasn't because I saw what I pa__sed, but he had to check because he didn't see it. I want to try again NOW, but he said no penetration there until at least after 2 week appt coming up 12 Feb, which will be day 16 of cycle if my body saw the mc like a period. I believe we can ovulate as early as 14 days after the mc, but know it can take longer. I'll let you know if af comes; let me know if yours does. I'm charting bbt, watching cm, and planning to disobey his orders the moment I believe I could be fertile. How are you feeling now, any better? Are you charting your temps? That should give you a 2 week clue that af is coming. I'm not crying every day now, and I feel horribly empty, but actually oddly feel better physically. I felt wrong, bloated, exhausted this pg like I never did before, but my other 2 were a decade ago and I was so hoping that it was just an older body (am 38) and not a problem. So much for hope. I am hopeful that we get pg again and that it works, and terrified that we get pg again and it doesn't.


utopia8302 - February 8

soso- I am so sorry for your recent loss. It is hard, and i know what you are going through! I wonder sometimes what is wrong with me because I feel like I am coping too well with this. Don't get me wrong-I miss him everyday. But I cried the first 3 days, and then that was it. I think what helped us was getting to see him. When I pa__sed him, I was on the ER bed, and he came out in the sac with the amniotic fluid and everything, still intact. He looked perfect. We got to say our good byes. After we got home, we named him, and then added him to a memorial book website....please check it out: It really helped us! My ob never said when we can resume trying. I thought I wanted to wait until August or so, but I feel that I am ready now. I mc the 29th, and stopped bleeding the 4th. We are goign to wait another month because of all the articles I read. They say that you should wait at least 3 months to build up your cervical lining, to increase the chances of a healthier pregnancy. I cant wait that long, so we'll wait until I get my first one, then ttc. I will start up clomid again (was on it 3 months before). We will both get pg again, and it will be a much happier time! So hang in there, and thanks again for the support. It really helps talking someone who knows that you are going through!



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