How Soon After A Tubal Can I Ttc

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dionne - May 17

i had my surgery on may 13th ... just a couple of days ago. my left tube was removed. how long do i have to wait before i try again? as nervous as i am... i have to try again.


Allie - May 17

Me again :) I had a follow up two weeks after my surgery, and the dr told me I could start trying them (I had signs of being fertile) - it was too painful then, but we started trying in week 3, and then after my first period we started really trying (in month 1 now). A tubal is different than a m/c, b/c your uterine lining doesn't have the same loss/damage/whatever.


Allie - May 18

Definitely didn't happen this month :(


dionne - May 18

it didn't... sorry! next time. baby dust to you. hey did you see the other post... where the woman suggests getting your other tube looked at with the dye to make sure it's not clogged... and to maybe clear it out a bit... did you do that? considering it?


Allie - May 18

I hadn't considered anything like that, but the dr. did specifically tell me that the tube looked really good so I think I'll avoid more surgery if I can.


dionne - May 19

yea... my dr. said my other tube looked good too... but this was only from the outside. i'm wondering how the inside looks. maybe i'm being paranoid!


Allie - May 19

From all of my research what I have found is that with just the one tube, our chances of another tubal are only 8% (if they had saved the tube it would be 14%). While that seems high, the normal chances of a miscarriage are 25%, so it's really not as bad as it seems. Normally your chances of an ectopic are 1%. In that 8 percent, I would think a high portion are those with things like endometriosis, and not very many people that have unexplained tubal pregnancys...I have talked to SO many people who had a successful pregnancy immediately following an ectopic pregnancy, and even one woman who was told by the dr. she wouldn't be able to conceive b/c both tubes were so blocked (that was before her 4 children were born)...The first month after my loss I worried about it a lot, but now I've really put it more inperspective, and heard so many hopeful stories that I am really optimistic. Of course, I'm sure the first month or two of pregnany will be nerve racking, but I have to believe when it happens it will work out right next time.


dionne - May 19

allie - you are right! i have to start thinking more like you!



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