How Soon Did You Become Pregnant After M C

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Jess - March 15

I recently has a m/c and D&C on March 7. I have read so many stories of women having multiple m/c, especially right in a row. I was wondering how long the mojority of you waited before starting over. I have a follow up appt. with my Dr on the 24 and that is when we will talk about when I can start again. I have read to wait atleast 1 cycle if not more. What is everyones thoughts on this and becoming pregnant too soon after m/c?


Petra - March 15

From what I have read on other sites is that the reason the dr wants you to wait at least one cycle is due to the fact that you will have a reliable due date. I think that waiting longer may have to do with how far along before the m/c occured. I found the following website to be very informative after my m/c.


Misty - March 15

I heard the same thing as Petra, that they want you to wait so that they will know about when you ovulated and about how far into the pregnancy you are when you concieve. I also heard though that they want you to wait to give the lining in your uterus time to come back.


Alison - March 15

We waited for one period after my first m/c and I conceived the first month trying but miscarried again. It was different to the first one though. The first time a scan at 9 weeks showed no heartbeat and baby had died a week or so before, the second time it was a blighted ovum discovered at 8 1/2 weeks so they were different kinds of losses. I've been told each pregnancy is completely seperate so the miscarriages are not linked (We were just very "unfortunate" as the doctors call it, to have 2 in a row) I've read about people who had successsful pregnancies who conceived straight after a m/c and people who waited for as much as a year and had another loss so there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. After my second m/c we waited 2 periods mainly to give me extra time mentally to be ready to face trying again.One cycle should be enough really. Now I'm hoping for a BFP soon. Take care and thinking of you


Martie - March 15

I m/c at about 6 wks on Feb. 6, and by Feb 19 was down to an 8 on blood test. Haven't had a period yet, and was negative on hpt about 2 wks ago. Last wknd was positive on hpt, and yesterday urine test in Dr. office confirmed it. They also took a blood test, which they told me today is up to 3522. I have u/s tomorrow. Can this still be normal?


Jess - March 15

Martie- so you are pregnant again before you got your period? Let me know how your U/S goes good luck!


stacey - March 15

congrats Martie- sounds good. Jess- I also know a friend that got pregnant right after m/c before period. Healthy baby boy.


Amy - March 15

Hi Jess- I'm sorry about your loss. I had my second m/c on 1/25 (at 8 weeks), first was 2 years ago at 12 weeks, and was instructed to wait one cycle before trying again. However it didn't work that way- I'm now pregnant and did not have a period. It appears I ovulated later than I realized after the m/c (discovered you can not count on ovulating at day 14, if you cycle at 28 days, after a m/c). I was worried at first but many have told me the waiting is to help you emotionally recover and the lack of waiting should not affect my pregnancy. My doctor too said we were misfortunate to have 2 in a row but he did start me on progesterone and baby aspirin right away. My US is scheduled for 3/28- I'm hopeful. Take care and wishing you the best.


Heather - March 15

Congrat Amy!!! Did you have a D&C or a natural m/c?? Also keep us posted on how your u/s goes. Praying for you!!! *~*~*~*~


Jess - March 16

Amy- good luck and I hope everything works out this time and I can folllow in your footsteps! You have to let us know how you u/s goes!!!!


G - March 16



Martie - March 16

Jess & Stacy- thanks for the thoughts. Had the u/s today, and the doctor said she still can't say definitively either way..(hugh? I always leave more confused than when I arrived!). She doesn't think it is left over from the m/c, but also thought it was a very small sac for 5 weeks. She gave me Rx for progesterone and said "I don't see any reason to write it off"..uh, who was? Anyway, another u/s in 9 days, so that's all I know!


Amy - March 16

Thank you Heather and Jess for your well wishes. Sites like this help so much to know there are others out there who understand and walk with you. My first m/c 2 years ago at 12 weeks ended with a d & c but this last one in January pa__sed naturally. My doctor said after a m/c you have a greater chance of getting pregnant since your hormone levels are up. The first two times it took us 7-8 months of strategic timing to get pregnant so I was very surprised it happened the first month after the m/c without really trying. We are so hoping the us goes well, my husband is so nervous everytime I go to the bathroom (is everything still OK? is asked a lot in our house, we both really want this)- Jess- I'll pray for you that good news will come soon. Please keep us posted on your progress.


Gina - March 17

I have a question??? I hope it is okay to add it on here. I had a miscarriage on Feb, 24-25. I did not think I would ovulate on day 14 which would be from the first day I started bleeding (two days before it came out). My servix was closed so I had unprotected s_x thinking was safe on Mar.6th. What do you know I am postivie I began ovulation the next day. I know when I ovulate, I have pain and discharge. I also use fertilty strips to prevent or achieve pregnancy, I was out so I coudl not confirm it. So 7, 8, and 9th I know I am ovulating. On the 10th, I get my new order of Fertility strips so I test to see if I was done. It started again! I ovulated TWICE!!! I swear! Is this crazy??? I am afraid that I will be pregnant from the unprotected s_x on the 6th. I am tired and so constipated! I just went through this so it is way to familiar. Is this in my head? The pregnancy i just lost was not planned but we were happy. I have already 4 children-19, 16, 15, 12. Any advice? I dont know what day I should count from to expect a period. I am sorry if this is jibberish.


Louise - March 17

I have heard of women ovulating twice in one cycle apparently it does happen. I could be wrong but I'm sure that's what I've heard


jb` - March 22

I lost a baby 6months ago and still not preg even clomid isnt helping me xx


stacey - March 22

Martie- let us know what happens- sending good vibes your way :) JB- sorry, does the dr. have any reason as to why you're not? do you chart your temps? that might help! Good luck!



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