How Soon Do You O After Having Ewcm

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madison - April 3

i've had cm for about a week and then ewcm yesterday but opk is still saying negative. any ideas? also, there's no way that i still have preg hormones right, if my dr. saw an egg 3 weeks after my m/c and then i have already had one af. i'm just trying to think of all the possibilities. maybe i just missed O on the opks or maybe its tomorrow. i dont have much cm left, pretty dry compared to last week! dh and i have been bd'ing every other day (and every day this weekend) just in case. anyone have ideas?


Susan W - April 4

Madison, you start getting cm BEORE you ovulate (at least most women do). 90% of women ovulate on the LAST day of cm or the day AFTER the cm goes away. I ovulated before the last day, and I have 9 days of cm usually, but some women even ovulate the second day after cm is gone. If you were bdin'g every other day, you have a good chance.


marranie - April 4

I had ewcm on days 8-11 last cycle (which i am now pregnant from) but didn't ovulate until day 17. Ewcm is a guide, best to bd every second day and use an opk to pick up the hormone surge the day before you ovulate. I usually ovulate on day 13 or 14 so was surprised but my dates are exact with the late ovulation. I think after miscarriage things get a bit out of whatck and the ewcm may not be as accurate as before.


madison - April 4

today is day 17 for me (i've had cm or ewcm since day 9) and i still had ewcm but took another opk and its negative, and lighter than the ones i have been getting. question- TMI-is it ewcm if it hangs down after you urinate? i had that but then when i wipe there isnt much there now.


Susan W - April 5

I've been three for three on making babies with only cm and cp and used cm and cp for years to avoid pregnancy, so I can't advise on opks, having never used them. But if you're "dripping' mucus, I would consider that fertile mucus. Any mucus you see, or if you feel wet but even if you don't see it, you are considered fertile. Does that make sense? Everybody thinks you have to have ewcm to be fertile but that is absolutely not true. If you just feel wet, that's fertile.


madison - April 5

thanks susan, you are such a big help and know so much!! i think the cm is all gone it seems, and i took another opk and its negative. i've been getting semi-dark lines some, they are just not darker or as dark as the test line. my last pregnancy i only used opk's so i am a little confused why they are not working for me now. do you think it is possible i still have hcg? i've had 1 af (or what i thought was af at 5 weeks past my m/c and the dr. saw that i had an egg on my follow-up appt. at 3 weeks past my m/c, but the day before that my hcg was still at 101). i havent had my levels checked since, my dr. doesnt really bother with it i guess. by the way, susan, how is your pregnancy going?


Susan W - April 5

If you've had one AF (and I think that was an AF if it was about 2-3 weeks after the doctor saw the egg about to be released at your 3 week check up and not some weirdness left over from the m/c.), I would not think you still have HCG left in your system. A couple things come to mind: 1) you ovulated but you missed the LH surge somehow, or the strips didn't show it well, 2) you didn't have an LH surge this month for some reason and so didn't ovulate or 3) you may ovulate later in your cycle (delayed ovulation due to a hundred reasons) and start seeing cm again later in the cycle. But if you were having cm like you describe and now you are dry and stay dry, I'd suspect an ovulation has occured, and you are now in the 2ww. If you were bd'ing every other day, you have a decent chance. I find cp is super-helpful for me in deciding if I have ovulated or not. If you would like to learn more, we had a really long thread on cm called "cervical mucus?" and we have a follow up thread called the same thing that is active now.



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