How Soon Is Too Soon

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ksmom - May 2

Sorry to hear bout all the ladies here whove had m/cs and more than one. Myself ive only had one and it was natural, we had an u/s to see and it was all out so i didnt need a d&c. Now I was wondering, how soon is too soon to try and concieve again? I know weve been told to wait the 2 months but waiting is hard. Has anyone tried not long after their m/c?? Thanks and once again sorry for all your losses (hugs n kisses)


Morrison1 - May 2

KS- I think, and you can search around here for different threads because we talk about this LOTS - that most people agree it has everything to do with how YOU and your husband feel about it. Now...there are always the issues of healing from a D&C or other complication, but that is a different story. If you have had one natural m/c, then your body could be ready soon. There are quite a few women who have gotten pg right away after a m/c (before they had their first a/f) and a number of others who have let one cycle pa__s and then conceived (I am one of them). There is no verified proof that getting pregnant soon after a m/c actually increases your chance of another m/c. There is always a chance you could m/c and that chance increases with age or other diagnosed or undiagnosed complications, but you will find many successes as well. Personally, I felt relieved waiting one cycle so I knew my body was back on track and I knew where I was in my cycle...but it didn't take long. I m/c on 2/17, got my first af on 3/20 and was pregnant again by 4/17. I did, unfortunately, m/c again at nearly 6 weeks, but I do not believe that it is related to trying soon - my doctor thinks I may have a luteal phase defect and it wouldn't have mattered if I waited or not. Long and short of it is, your body will know when you are ready, and so will your heart (imho). Take care, good luck and baby dust!


ksmom - May 2

Morrison1, Thank you for your response....I am sooo sorry to hear for your 2 loses. I have been thinking cuz I have been reading alot of posts and well a part of me wants to wait (for the reason of being back on track) and a part of me wants to do it asap (the waiting would kill me). My guy is on my side on no matter what I decide, he wants to wait for the same reason but also wants to try again cuz of the waiting, but also the waiting could be sooooo worth it in the end. I guess it will be our convo tonite before bed, wether to wait or to try.......thanks once again and baby dust right back at you :)


Morrison1 - May 2 long ago was your d&c? I forgot to ask? Are you getting ready to ovulate? Maybe waiting through this ovulation and then past your next af would put your mind at ease and be a good combination between the no wait/2 month wait thing...make sense? I was VERY anxious to get pg right away, but I was such a wreck physically that I just wasn't ready to give ttc my "all" so soon after the first m/c...but I'll be honest...I felt a sigh of relief when I got that first af. I was charting by then and it gave me a great starting, if you think you might not be sure...wait one'll pa__s before you know it...and heck if you can't start ttc by cd8 or so!!! Not too far away~ Let me know what you decide...I'll root you on and keep you in my thoughts no matter what you choose! Baby dust!!


littlemama1022 - May 3

I'm sorry about your loss. It must be hard, I have never had a m/c but I just wanted to say try when you are your husband are ready. I agree with Morrison1. Good Luck.


Susan W - May 3

I got pregnant again before having another cycle. There's no increased risk of a m/c just because of conceiving again so quickly, and there isn't much evidence to really support the waiting that some doctors recommend. That said, I was still mourning the loss of my second child, and trying to do that and be pregnant again took a lot of emotional and physical energy from me. Good luck in deciding what to do.


ksmom - May 3

Morrison, I didnt have a D&C (thankgod) And well Im not sure if i am ready to ovulate or not (i cant tell how to track it and what not....i was never good at that sort of thing, and I dont know how to chart (whatever it is I am to chart) i never have done that before) What does "cd8" mean?? Im lost with all the abreviations same with "af" . Susan-sorry bout your loses.....hope all is well for you. Thank you for your response for my question. Also littlemama, you dont want to have a m/c its not a good feeling and the feeling sticks with you. But I am going to the doctor on Tuesday again and we are going to talk to him again bout everything and hopefully get some answers answered. Thanks again you ladies are great :) I will let you all know what we decide to do and all that sort of stuff. Baby dust to ALL!!


princess_20 - May 13

Hello..i justfound out i was having an ectopic pregnancy May 2nd which resulted in a Methotrexate shot. and i too am wanting to try again right away (well in June) and i was wondering why the doctors tell you to wait 2-3 cycles? i was told that the methotrexate would be out of my system in a week or 2 after receiving it. has anyone done this before and had a successful pregnancy?


ksmom - May 13

Well Im not sure bout the methotrexate and pregnancy cuz mine was natural, but my doctor told me that waiting the cycles they say, it makes sure there is no infections and mostly to know when your due date is. My situation, the doctor told me to wait the 1 so he would know my due date, but if it happens i get pregnant before he said there isnt really a reason why to wait. Maybe you are different for infections or something, sorry i wasnt that much of help, Morrison1 is great help, actually there are quite a few ladies here on this website who have VERY good answers and what not.


ksmom - May 13

Ladies, in response to the doctor apt i told you about, well he told me that now i wasnt pregnant that i should go on a diet and loose as much weight as i can cuz i am fat. Well that was the end of that OB, i have decided with my family that it would be best to switch doctors/obs cuz of the obs rudeness. I went to see my old doctor the next day, just to see what he had to say, he told me that there isnt a real reason why it happened, but i should wait the 1 cycle and the try, i told him what happens IF i get pregnant? he said its fine but he wants me to come as soon as i find out. He also told me i should be getting AF between the 16th-31st, so since we did bd, when do you think i should be taking a preg test since i have such a WIDE range there?? My dh said to do it the 16th, but then last nite hes like do it mothers day......i just not sure when would be a good day......any suggestions??


suzzieq - May 13

Ks, I am truly sorry for your loss. I had a natural m/c in february and am still trying, hoping this is the month! I started trying the following month after m/c, but didn't realize my preg level hadn't dropped until the very end of March! That is terrible your doc told you that you are fat, how rude! I am on the heavy side as well, but my doc said that since I have been this weight for some time that it should not effect getting pg, but losing some weight wouldn't be bad either. He suggested some extra walking and be careful not to lose alot while trying to concive as that could cause a problem! And as far as when you should start trying, Morrison is exactly right, its when you are ready, physically and emotionally. I hope the best for you!! Some abreviations- af=aunt flow/period cd=cycle day/what day you are on(cd1 is the first day of your af) pg=pregnant bd=baby dancing/making love ttc=trying to concieve dh=dear husband cm=cervical mucus bfp=big fat positive bfn=big fat negative Hope that helps a bit! Again best luck and kepp us updated!!


josita - May 15

Hello everyone.. I hope you don't mind me joining the discussion. I just found out I miscarried last Thursday after the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. The heart was beating up to 9 weeks, as far as I know, last Thursday was suppose to be 10 weeks. I have had no cramping no spotting. I dont want to a dnc, but am worried that I will need one. The doc said I can wait two weeks - I hope that it pa__ses by then. With regards to the question on why docs say 2 months to wait after first af, I was told because it will give the uterus time to once again develop good lining for good implantation... not sure if that makes sense. Thanks for the abbreviation translations! I had no idea!


hayleyc - May 17

Hi, I misscarried back in Feb, and the doctor told me that i had probaly been told all sorts of things about waiting 3 mths, making sure you have a complete cycle etc... But he told me the best time to try is when your ready... So if you are ready - go for it... good luck!! i'm 5 1/2 wks pregnant and his advise worked for me!! hayleyc


ksmom - May 17

Welcome ladies, Josita, sorry for your loss, is this your first? how are you feeling?? Have you had any cramping yet or anything? Im so sorry to hear that you had to go through wat weve been through it is a TERRIBLE experience. Hayley Congrats on your pregnancy. Glad that you are doing good :) As for me, were trying now, we are going to wait and see if i get a BFP next month but for some reason i dont think i am :( time will tell when it is my time to have another. thanks for joining and baby dust to all


josita - May 18

Thanks ksmom. Yes this was my first... dh and I were really too excited about the whole thing. It was really hard since the first that I heard the baby was only 6 weeks with fhb of only 80. I am getting better with each day. I want to do some closure, ceremonial type thing to honor the baby. I think that i want to plant a tree. I still haven't had my af yet after the missed miscarriage and I am hoping to have it soon... because I don't want to have a dnc. I'll wait, if there is no problem. I am also going to wait a few months before I try again, my heart wants to start now, but I think that I need to just let some time pa__s and heal a bit more. Hayleyc - congrats on the pregnancy! I hope all is well. ksmom--- I hope for the best , keep the faith.



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