How Soon Should Nausea Begin After Conception Please Help

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May - May 6

I miscarried end of March and AF came exactly 5 wks later. My husband and I ttc again on my 10th, 11th and 13th day post AF(so, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights of this week). I'm beginning to feel very nausiated, just like my first pregnancy---but can nausea set in this quickly?? Is it wishful thinking?? I'm also seeing some blood when I wipe (sorry for the detail) What does that mean? Am I miscarrying? I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to think. I was excited to try again but now I just anxious. Any advise or ideas----please help!!!


May - May 7

Anyone out there got any advice????


Sandra - May 7

I have read about ppl starting to show symptoms about a week after conception, but it does seem rather fast. Unless conception occurred earlier than you thought, would this be possible at all? I guess my advise is the same old - just give it some time, and try not to get too stressed out about it. If you're agonising too much, get your HCG levels checked out. It can show a possible pg 6-7 days after conception.


May - May 8

Thanks for responding. No it couldn't of happened before because I'm tracking when we ttc. It seems too fast for me too to begin having symptoms. The nausea threw me for a loop because I'm never feel nausea, pregnant or not! I'm sure it was something else. I'm not going to do a pregnancy test as I don't want to get my hopes up. It's only my 16th day. My husband and I will continue trying for the next week and hopefully on the 28th day I'll get a BFP. Thanks again!


ia - May 9

hi mary...preg sysmptons (nausea usually begin 6-8 weeks after conception) for me both times it was exactly 6 weeks when i started feeling nausiated. good luck!


K - May 9

May - I just finished AF on April 27 after getting her on April 22. This was my first AF since my m/c on 3/25. It has been a little over two weeks and my b___sts are extremely tender. They normally don't get tender until about a week before I expect af visit again. This is too soon. I don't know what symptoms to look for and when anymore. I am all messed up I guess. I have been a really regular gal and even my af was exactly 28 days to the day (right on time as usual). So, I am with you, I am confused. Why are my b___sts feeling soo tender soo early?


May - May 9

I'm hoping things will work out better this time. When I was pregnant with my first nausea set in around the time I was expecting my period (fround day 28) It lasted for about 3 months and the rest of the pregnancy was fine--no problems. My second pregnancy (the one I miscarried, I felt no symptoms whatsoever. The doctor told me that every pregnancy is different but to be honest, I felt a little uneasy about not having any symptoms. Sure enough, 5 wks later I miscarry. Maybe because I felt a little nausea this time I got excited right away---then I realized that it doesn't make sense to feel it so soon after conception. We'd love to have another baby but we also need to ount our blessings. My husband and I will continue to try. K, hang in there and let me know if your symptoms actually materialize into a BFP. Thanks again for responding. Good luck to all!!


K - May 10

May - I too have two beautiful children. They are 13 and 9. I just remarried and my dh doesn't have any children and wants one of his own so bad. It was really easy for me to get pregnant with my first two but this had been the most difficult thing. I guess it is true what they say when you get older your chances decrease. I didn't think I was THAT old to have THIS much trouble. Anyway, Good luck to you. I wish you all the best and baby dust your way. Let me know how things work out for you. :)


May - May 12

K--Good luck to you and let me know what happens. When are you planning to take a hpt? Last time I bought one of those early pregnancy tests which say they can detect pregnancy up to four days prior to your period being late. I keep saying I'm going to wait until my 28th, but each pa__sing day seems torturous. Trying very hard to keep busy and my mind off things. Good luck and let me know!


sarah - May 13

may..i too m/c end of march at 11 wks..i had af 33 days after and now ovulating on day may have mid cycle bleeding ..with the cervix opening ready for ovulation?? just a theory..i havent had any spotting this month..did most of last month..good luck xx babydust xx


Erin - May 13

I am struggling with the same thing. My AF came on 4/20, and for about t he last 2 weeks I have been feeling very nauseaos. I feel like it is to soon, so maybe it is just wishful thinking. My next AF should be arriving by next wednesday. I have so many mixed emotions. My MC happened on 3/26 and it was my first pregnancy. I wish all you ladies the best of luck and hope for BFP for all


May - May 22

Update--did a HPT on Friday and it came out positive. Was really excited but nervous at the same time due to previous M/C. On Saturday morning I had a little bit of brown discharge and some blood. An I miscarrying?? Today, Sunday, there is nothing. I'm confused!! Any insight or ideas??


S - May 22

May--The bleeding could be implantation bleeding I think?


rachel - May 22

your bleeding on wiping could possibly be implantation bleeding??


May - May 28

Went to the doctor and yes i'm pregnant but my HCG levels are low. That was the concern with my second pregnancy(the one that I miscarried). Wondering if i'm headed in that same direction. I guess you ladies were right---probably implantation bleeding. Going for athother blood test next week. Expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Keep me posted on your news. K--any news???? Waiting to hear from you too!



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