How To Deal With Relatives Who Do Not Take Care Of Kids

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me - May 23

My sister in law smokes, drinks and eats nothing but junk food. She still managed to have 3 beautiful children with no complications. Now her children are 8, 18 months and 9 months. She does not care for them properly. She has two cribs full with toys and who knows what else and has the babies sleeping in a basinet and a play pen because she is too lazy to walk up stairs. The 9 month old is unable to sit and can barely roll over. She is trying to get her 8 year old on medication to calm him down. His problem is poor parenting as doctor after doctor has told her. She still has her son see doctor after doctor to find one to write him a perscription. She does not bath herself very often and her children are always dirty. She never cleans and the house is smelly (from dog, cat and smoking), if filthy with dirty dishes, unclean bathroom, animal hair covering everything, dried food on the highchairs to only name a few. This really upsets me. I know I should not question why unfit parents can have child after child and those who do everything they are suposed to have problems. I have been ttc for about a year (it took 2 years 3 mc with my first child now 4) I was surprised (very happy) when I found out I was expecting but of course I mc at 7 weeks. I guess this is more of me venting than a real question. Is there anyone else that gets upset when they see beautiful children who are treated worse than pets?


L - May 24

I almost hate watching the news and hearing the stories of children and babies being abused it is heartbreaking especially because my little angel would have and is so loved. It isn't fair and there is no good answer to why. If I may be so bold as to say have you though about having DCFS come in and investigate your sister-in-law? No she isn't beating them but it sounds as if they are not being taken care of. At very least maybe after the vist she may get her act straight and take care of her kids.


Elyse - May 24

hi me, i know it's hard what we have been through and we do need to vent. My dads relatives where the same i used to cringe as a child i was so ashamed of them there was 10 of them the hosue was a tip. Are the children loved is the question? my best friends is as bad her house stinks cat, dogs, stale smoke every animal under the sun. (i do have animals too though not a dig at anyone)But i must say she has the most four beautiful caring loving children i have ever met they never give her grief they are so happy and are really bright and do really well at school even in the flith we would call it they live in. She did have a m/c between the second and third also. She recently split form her hubby(alot of nastyness) and he called our social services here in uk they arrived and said they were a normal happy family i would not of opened the door i would have been to ashamed if it were me i suppose they just don't see what we do.


me - May 24

L. and Elyse - Thank you for your support it makes me feel a little bit better to know others feel the same way. I know we shouldn't question, but I still wonder "why". I know my brother and his wife love their children. They just have their priorities mixed up and put themselves before their children. Ex. The day they were to bring their 3rd baby home from the hospital (born early and needed to stay a little longer) that morning they had their cable service changed and was late picking up the baby. Their TV is more important. Good luck to you both I hope you both get a visit from the stork soon.



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