How To Deal With Sadness After Miscarrage

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Lateefah - June 9

It was just confirmed today that I miscarried. This was my fourth pregnancy and I have 3 beautiful children. I was upset about being pregnant again, because my youngest child is only 15 months old. But, I would have never wanted to have a miscarrage and I don't believe in abortion. I planned on having the baby. Last friday I found out that my hormone levels dropped from 196 to 33. Today, I took a urine pregnancy tlest and It was negative. I keep thinking that I did something wrong. How can I deal with these feelings?


Erin15 - June 9

Hi Lateefah - I'm very sorry for your loss. I think that what helps many of us get through this is coming to the realization that there is nothing that was in our power that we could have done to prevent the m/c from happening. It was out of our hands, and our bodies were acting without our permission, but were only doing what is best for both mother and child. Does that make sense? I also feel that the physiological effects this has on your body shouldn't be overlooked. The hormones dropping, the body trying to heal, all of that is effecting your rationale. This is a very sad, very difficult time for you. I would try to deal with the emotions and cry and do whatever you need to do. In time, the pain subsides, but I'm pretty certain it never really goes away. This board is a blessing as well - utilize it to share with others and to learn from others experiences. Take care...


Lateefah - June 14

Thank You so much Erin15. It's been rough. A road paved with unsensitive remarks from the people that are supposed to love me. I;m doing the best that I can to heal. This whole experience is totally new for me. All of my babies are usually born and healthy. I just constently try to tell my self that it is all a part of God's plan and he knows best. Thanks for your supportive, kind words. It feels good to know that some one understands what I'm going through.


DownbutnotOUT - June 15

Lateefah Im sorry about ur lose and almost more so for the ones that you love are not being supportive. I came on here after my m/c and with the support of the ladies on here was more than I could have ever prayed for. Take care of yourself and remember it was not your fault and there was nothing you could do to prevent it. I as well keep telling myself that things happen for a reason and it will all work out for the best. Take Care XoX


Lateefah - June 26

Thanks DownbutnotOUT. Ireally do appreciated this forum. Sometimes people don't understand what they don't know and haven't gone through. It's nice to know that I am not alone. Tnanks for all your support. Does any one know if the morning after pill has been linked to miscarrage?



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