How To Induce Miscarriage

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Rene - August 7

I found out over a week ago (at 9 wks) that the fetus has lost it's heartbeat and has actually gotten smaller. The dr. told me I will miscarry for sure, but it could happen in a day or a couple weeks. He did not offer a d&c which I've had previously (this is my 3rd miscarriage). He said it would happen naturally. I'm wondering if anyone might know a natural or alternative way to induce the miscarriage. The waiting is just too much. I read something about ginger tea and vitamin c, as well as some other herbs. But nothing that was specific. I'd rather not take a prescription drug, which I also read is available. Any help would be appreciated.


Alison - August 8

Rene did your doctor not offer you medication to start the miscarriage? When I had my losses I wanted to avoid surgery so didn't want a D&C, but the waiting seemed too much to bear and they said it might take weeks for my body to realise the babies had died. (I've also had 3 miscarriages) They gave me pills to start my body contracting. It was very painful but they kept me in while I was taking the pills to monitor me, and the miscarriage itself was "over" within 24 hours. Maybe different hospitals have different options? Our maternity hospital offers D&C, pills, another operation i can't remember the name of, and natural (with no treatment) I am so sorry for your losses. Are they going to start tests to look for a cause? Here they start tests after 3 losses in a row so we are in the midst of tests. I have tested positive for a blood clotting disorder-they test again to make sure, so if it is still positive I will take asprin and also heparin injections daily during my next pregnancy to thin the blood. (The blood clotting disorder means the blood clots and doesn't get through to the baby) I am so sorry for all you have been through and can sympathise with the horror of losing yet another baby it really is so awful. My thoughts are with you. Take care xxx


Elle - August 8

Rene, my heart goes out to your for your losses. I just had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. I chose to avoid the D&C. After one week of only light spotting, I became frustrated and figured that I should ask the same question you're asking now. I know that in the UK there are pills that can be used. But my Dr. (in the USA) told me that there were no pills that she could or would prescribe. After some research, I started using a liquid tincture drops of echinacea with goldenseal (made by Nature's Way). The ECHINACEA is a natural antiseptic and helps against infection, the GOLDENSEAL helps stimulate the uterus to contract. I used most of a 1 ounce bottle of tincture---dropping 1 ml into my echinacea tea a few times each day. Make sure you get the tincture, it seems to be stronger if its in liquid form. I started bleeding heavily the day after I started the drops-could be coincidence but it's worth a try (only about $8 a bottle). I also bought pennyroyal tincture as a backup but I did NOT use it because I read that it is highly poisonous and it has some nasty side effects; it could help the miscarriage but make you very sick in the process. I bought it in case I got desperate but I never used it. The echinacea with goldenseal seemed like enough, along with Vitamin C. You should also know that although I think the goldenseal helped start the blood flowing more heavily, it still took 2 weeks after I started the tincture to pa__s the pregnancy and finish bleeding. I know how hard it is to wait, especially after having gone through as much heartache as you must have til now, so I hope yours pa__ses faster. Take care and choose wisely.


Julie - August 9

I opted for Misoprostol. While it can be taken orally, my OB recommened 800 mcg v____ally. I started bleeding later that night and pa__sed the pregnancy two days later. One thing to consider....if the pregnancy has stopped and it's been 4 weeks or longer, your body is at risk for infection. Because my pregnancy had ended 4 weeks before it was caught, my OB strongly suggested I not wait for nature to take it's course because an infection could leave me infertile. Plus, for my peace of mind, I needed to get it over with as soon as possible.



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