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ksmom - April 26

I was just informed that my miscarriage was due to taking medications a week before my u/s. I was taking 2 different meds, but now when we ttc how do I prevent it from happeneing again?? Do I tell the doctor to only give me meds that wont harm the baby if I am preg (even if the test prove negative)? I mean I dont want to loose another just cuz me being sick and being perscribed meds. Someone help me with an answer to this bad experience that I dont want to happen again, I dont want to be rude to docs and say I think i am but tests are negative, well cuz im not like that, i am a nice kind caring person who does bad talk or rudely talk to anyone.........PLEASE HELP THANKS :)


frankschick2001 - April 26

What medication were you taking? I don't see how they can tell you that this is what caused the m/c with any certainty without any testing. You shouldn't worry so much about "talking rudely". Expressing yourself a__sertively (not agressively) is NOT being rude. You should talk to the doctor about anything and everything that may be happening. If yu feel that unsafe about taking medication, then don't take it. Unless of course, it is absolutely necessary. But if it is for a cold or something like that, then just use home remedies.


Mandy1984 - April 26

WOW!! i would doubt that any meds you took would res___t in m/carriage!!! I took warfarin which is an oral anti-coagulant which is risk factor X when pregnant which means its one of the most serious drugs to take, I didn't discover I was pregnant until 6-7 weeks then I was switched to hepraine, Anyways, get a SECOND opinion I would put money on it that your mis/carriage was NOT caused by any meds you took. Think how many people drink/smoke/take drugs/ take medications before they find out they are pregnant, ALMOST everyone has done one of the above before they knew they were pregnant, I am so very sorry for your m/carriage


ksmom - April 26

ive tried talking to the gyno cuz that is who is dealing with me right now, my doc recommended him to me, but besdies that, the gyno doesnt seem to answer my questions the way i want him to, and if i ask him to answer in a better or easier way for me to understand, then he just changes the subject and i dont get asnwers, but i dont know who to turn to now since the one the doc recommended isnt doing his job properly. do i go to my regular doctor or someone else



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