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NVgirl - March 26

Is there an online site that I can buy some cheap HPT's?


AllieP. - March 26

Hi NVgirl, i haven't researched for any on line HPT's but if you have dollar store anywhere near you that's your best bet! They are the cheapest you'll ever find! Only a dollar! Good luck!


NVgirl - March 26

Hi AllieP. Thanks for that info. I was also wondering if you can buy refills for the ept digital hpt


BriannasMummy - March 26

Hey Michelle.. why ya need hpts?? HMM HMM HMM?? Just kiddin.. unfortunately Im no help to this.. I just bought mine from the good ole dollar store! ~Kristin~


Mrs.Hath - March 26

NVgirl: I am a self professed Pee On A Stick addict. I have tried every brand on the market (practically). I am 5 weeks 4 days PG. Let me tell you what I know: I bought a combo pack of OPKs and HPT from early pregnancy tests dot com. They OPKs worked just fine. I had no issues with them. As this is my 3rd PG (the prior two have miscarried), I can tell you that the cheap online tests I've bought have been TERRIBLE. On two occasions (when I was, in fact, pregnant), I did NOT get a positive on the web site HPT. Again, the OPKs were great, the HPTs were not. On CD 11, I tested on a First Response Early Test, CVS store brand, Clear Blue Easy Digital, Internet Cheapy Test, and Walgreens store brand. On that day, I got the best positive on the CVS brand (2 blue stripes). The First Response was the 2nd best. They internet one and Walgreens were negative. The digital was positve, but I've also had false positives with those so I don't trust them completely. On CD12, 13, 14, the dollar store brand and First Response were both the best positives. There are millions of sites that sell cheap tests, but I know those cheap strips are not as sensitive as they say they are. In fact, I had blood work done (507 HcG) and tested the online again just to see. It was STILL the faintest line ever. It could cause uneeded stress. If you want cheap, go for the Dollar Tree for sure. Anyway, that's just my humble opinion. Good luck :) Baby dust.


NVgirl - March 27

Mrs.Hath - thank you for all that wonderful info. and good luck... 3rd times a charm as they say!



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