Hypothyroid 3 Miscarriages

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Daynarella - April 24

I'm obsessively thinking about what the real cause of my 3 mc's could be...I'm so tired of thinking too much - anyone else? Anyway, I have hypothyroid and am taking meds now and my levels are great but during my 3 pregnancies my levels were above 4. I also have heterozygous MTHFR which my doc said is not a major deal and so now I take folgard. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with hypothyroid and recurrent miscarriage. There are mixed studies out there, as with everything so I'd really like to hear true life stories. Could my thyroid issues really have caused the mc's or perhaps a combinantion of things...


stefkay - April 24

I'm not a dr, but everywhere I ever read anything about miscarriage one of the "reasons" listed was the thyroid. If your thyroid is too fast or too slow it jacks up your entire hormonal system, so yes, I do think it could be a cause if you were not medicated when pregnant. This could be good though in that since you are treated now maybe it will make a difference! :) Don't give up, just keep trying and I'd try a baby aspirin a day in addition to the folgard if you can. It's just a small precaution for the MTHFR if you can't do a blood thinner.


Daynarella - April 24

Thank you stefkay - I can always count on you for some feedback. I am taking a baby aspirin every day. I take it with my vitamins - is that ok or does that make it less effective? The more I read about this thyroid stuff, I'm just so hoping that this was the cause so then I can have some sort of answer and not be so nervous about this current pregnancy (just got a BFP yesterday)...


stefkay - April 25

OMG, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! :D Wonderful news! Hang in there. I know it is hard to enjoy a pregnancy after dealing with all that we've been through. I think I wanted to wring some necks everytime someone told me to chill out and enjoy my pregnancy, lol. Like we always say on this board, the innocence is gone from it but I pray this is it for you!!!! Go on and take your baby aspirin with your vitamins that should be fine. That is how I took mine. I took a big ol handful of pills each day literally. Prenatal, vitamin B6, B12, folic acid, omega 3, baby aspirin and iodine. You are also on meds for your thyroid now too? Good luck to you!!! Just know you are doing everything you can do right now and that no matter what happens you tried your best. I felt better knowing that myself.



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