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??? - April 15

i am or still 3 weeks pregnet. i have been in alot of pressure and stress to finish high school in june. and this morning i wake to pee and a brown thing was there and it was a stem and in the end if the stem was a circle and a red dot in middle it wasnt big but maybe a inch. i told my friends today and they said i must have lose the baby or it could have been a piece of my ovires or it was a blood clog or something. but if i lost the baby wouldnt i be bleeding, but i am not. today i didnt feel like dizzy in the morning i felt fine like normal. i just dont know what this means.i am so confused and scared if it was my ovires and i cant have kids in the furture. HELP! THANKS!!


marlene - April 16

If you are afraid and don't know where to go. -- Go to a planned parenthood and have a pg test and ask questions. Everything is confidential and if cost is a problem, they work with you on that. That is where I started when I was 17 and had questions. It would not be your ovaries. Go and ask questions.


to 18 and confused - April 16

you should get get advice from a doctor. your friends don't really know what is going on with you medically. It's not your ovary. How did you find out you were pregnant? are you 3 weeks late? If you are only 3 weeks pregnant, then June would not be an unrealistic date to finish high school. if you are pregnant, you need to make sure you have a high school diploma to get a suitable job to provide for your child. These days, that is almost not enough, unless you have special skills and drive to be successful w/out a college degree. You can't even start to prove that to a prospective employer w/out even a high school diploma! It's not about pressure, it's about reality. You should find someone you trust and can really talk to about your future. Having a baby shouldn't be the end of your life, make a life for yourself that your child and most importantly YOU will be proud of. Best of luck to you in your future choices.



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