I Am Soo Scared Whats Going On

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puffywuffy12382 - April 26

I had a light spotting in the end of january... which I had already had my period the begining of that month... then I didnt get my period the following month and I thought i was maybe pregnant finally... I had some symptoms, but i wasnt too sure (becasue my period is irregular sometimes) so i waited until march to see what will happen... I then realized that I had a yeast infection and didnt want to use any medicine until i took a preg test... the 1st one i took didnt work... i dont know if i did it wrong or what, but no results came... then i took a 2nd one about a week after that... it was negitive... so i then bought the medicine for the yeast infection... about a week or so after i used that i started spotting... that lasted a few days.... then it progressed into a regular period.. it was moderate, then got kinda heavy, then was light... then i thought it stopped and next thing i knew... 2 days after that i started spotting again... it then got really heavy... and i noticed alot of clots, that lasted about 2-3 days... then it got light,,, then turned into spotting and then i thought it stopped... but then... again 2 days after that i started spotting again... but it seems like its alot more of a brownish discharge, with a small amount of blood... it is still doing this now... its been like 4 -6 weeks for this total process... it is ruining my s_x life... why wont this stop?? what is going on?? should i be worried?? this happened to me about 7-8 months ago... i had a period for about 4-6 weeks then it stopped and it was regular for the next 3 months after that.. that broguht me to january of this year when it is doing it again.. HELP! I NEED ADVICE! please


hcw - April 26

hi puffywuffy, i don't know what's going on with your cycle, but i strongly recommend you see a doctor. i had strange irregular periods sort of like what you describe about two years ago, after being like clockwork all my life, and it turned out to be polyps for which I had to have a quick and mostly painless surgery... my doctor indicated that it would have been very hard for me to get pregnant without having them removed... if you are trying to get pg it's all the more reason you should have it check out... best wishes and good luck...



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