I Believe I Miscarried Today Dr Thinks So Too

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dionne - May 9

i had a dr. appt today...i was 6 weeks along. right before i was going there i had a gush of blood when i was using the bathroom. not as much as i would of thought it would have been..... in any case they gave me a sonogram when i got to the dr.'s office and they no longer saw the "sac" that they had seen in an sonogram 1 week earlier. my dr. thinks i miscarried the baby. blood tests on wednesday will confirm. i see the dr. on friday to get the results. i had to get a shot because of my blood type and the "RH factor" thing. i'm really really sad... but happy i was able to get pregnant and hopeful it will happen again.


crisy - May 9

Hi Dionne: I miscarried 2 wks ago exactly. My blood type is O neg and I had to get the rhogam as well. We both don't have the Rh factor and if the baby is Rh positive it can cause a blood incompability. I am very sorry for your loss. I read before that you were crying a lot. I felt so lost and depressed when I miscarried. I was hysterical. Usually when a woman is Rh negative and it's her first pregnancy she is able to carry the baby to term. However, some women, like us, have a miscarriage. It's good that you got the shot. I hope that you can talk to your husband and that you have family support. My husband was there for me and was comforting me and that's what helped me not to go completely insane. I have moments when I am well and moments when I get depressed. Last week I cried every day. Today I feel a bit better. I hope that I won't cry tonight! It's good that you have hope and it's important to take the time you need to grieve. Thinking of you.


dionne - May 9

Hi Crisy - I am O negative as well. Was this your first pregnancy too? I have a wonderful husband and mother who are very supportive... I am just so sad today. I've been crying on and off all day.


elyse - May 10

hello girls, sorry for your losse's. you have brought up an interesting topic here for me i,m rh O neg as well. I was fine for my two first pregs had all the antibody tests and i was fine.I was never offered one after my m/c though this scares me i'm in the uk though and our health system is different to yours. I asked my Gp for advise and said they weren't sure wether it made a difference as i was only 5/6 weeks with a b/o but didn't m/c until nearly 12weeks. Any advise any one i would be greatful.


crisy - May 11

Hi Dionne. It was my first pregnancy and we really wanted this baby. I know the feeling of crying all day. It's sad to know that we are all suffering so much. Yesterday I was working at the vaccination clinic and a mother of a 2 yrs old child asked me to do a pregnancy test for her. It was positive of course and I was happy for her but I was also sad as well. Am I normal??? Then I get home and I see my neighbour who has 2 kids and she has a big bump as well. I just went crazy and I was crying. It seems that everybody is pregnant around me. I am glad that you have family support. You need them the mostwhen it feels that the whole world is crashing down on you. Keep in touch. I hope that today you will feel better.


elyse - May 11

Hi elyse. I am sorry for your loss as well. Sorry I did not get back to you untill now. I live in Canada (Montreal). The first time I went to the emergency (on April 14th) because I had cramping and spotting I did not know my blood type. They sent me for an ultrasound and they did my hCG levels as well as my blood type. They could not see the baby on the ultrasound and they gave me an appointment two wks later. My hCG levels were low but they told me not to worry yet. However, they forgot to tell me my blood type and I a__sumed that everything was OK. I was put on bed rest the week after but on April 25th the nightmare happened. I started pa__sing clots and had horrible cramping. I went to the ER and they made me wait 3 hours before somebody saw me. By that time I had lost the baby when I went to the bathroom (sorry for the detail). When the doctor finally got to me he asked me what my blood type was. I told him that I did not know. He then checked my file and came back asking me if I got the rhogam. I told him that nobody told me that I was Rh negative. I was devastated!!! The baby was not developping well probably because my body was rejecting him. It's important to get the Rhogam within the first 48 to 72 hours after delivery or after you miscarry. I got it right away. When you get pregnant again you have to get it during your pregnancy at 28 weeks gestation. When the baby is born he might be at risk for newborn jaundice due to the blood incompability. If your husband is Rh negative you don't need to get the Rhogam because there is not a risk of miscarriage. The best advice that I could give you is to have very early follow-up as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. I hope that you will get pregnant soon. Make sure that your doctor informs you of everything and tell all the health professionnals that you are Rh neg so that they can take extra care. Right now I don't trust the canadian health system. I feel so stupid and guilty. I should have known better. You see, I'm a nurse and I know that I needed rhogam.I didn't know my blood type and that was my mistake. I always ask myself what would have happened if I had gotten the Rhogam. Some women don't need it for their first pregnancy and they have normal babies. I feel quite sad but I have to force myself to put on a brave face when I go to work because they don't understand what I have gone through. Communicating with everybody on this site has helped me a lot. I feel a strong bond because we all went through the same thing. Good luck for when you TTC next time.


Elyse - May 11

Thanks for reply, the problem is i don't know my husbands blood type, so it's hard for me to tell wether it was the blood mixing or not that caused the m/c. As i said before i have had to kids before and i know the problems with the antibodies building, and never needed the shot with either.I was told though that beacuse i m/c so early and no baby was present that you probably wouldn't need the anti/d shot as no blood cells were ever produced by the baby to react with mine? I am so confused about the whole thing thanks again good luck to.


crisy - May 11

Hi Elyse. It's important to receive the rhogam as soon as you have a miscarriage regardless of how advanced you were in your pregnancy. My doctor said that in the case that you don't get it, it is possible to bring the pregnancy to term but you need close monitoring. Like I said before you need to be well informed of your health status. Don't do the same mistake I did. In Canada the health system is starting to be very bad and I know that I cannot trust anybody. Make sure your husbasnd get's his blood tested to make sure everything is OK. If you don't like your doctor change it. When they found out that I was a nurse and that they made the mistake of not giving me the rhogam, they tried to cover everything up. Here it's not like the United States where you can sue. I should have had the rhogam on the 14TH of April and I did not. Now I have to live with this horrible pain in my heart. Keep in touch. If you get pregnant make sure that your hCG levels are also normal. Go for blood tests right away. Sorry, I just noticed that when I wrote my previous reply I put you name at the top instead of mine. Thinking of you and wishing you luck.


crisy - May 11

Hi girls: I spoke with one of the gynecologists at my work and she told me that the reason I probably miscarried was because there was something wrong with the baby. I did some research as well in my nursing books and for a first pregnancy the even if you are RH neg you can bring the baby to term. Elyse, since you already have two childrenmake sure you have a close follow-up with your doctor. If he is not competent don't hesitate to change him. When you are pregnant do a blood test for your blood type and usually you will need Rhogam at 27 or 28 wks gestation. Good luck ladies and God bless you.


dionne - May 11

i had another blood test today so my dr. can confirm the numbers are going down... i get the results on friday. i'm doing better today,but it's difficult because one of my closest friends is 5 months pregnant, the girl i work with is just about entering her 2nd trimester. i know exactly how you feel crisy... everyone around me is pregnant and so far...thank GOD... things are going well for them. We have to just think positive and believe it will happen for us. Good luck and my prayers are with us all!


crisy - May 12

Hi dionne. Thanks for the reply and fot the encouraging words. I said a prayer for all of us this morning. God will help us to get better. How are you doing today?


dionne - May 17

well turns out my test results came back that i was still pregnant...and they saw the heartbeat in my left tube. i had emergency surgery to remove the tube and the baby... i've put up posts now about tubal pregnancy's and losing a tube. funny what a week will do to you... baby dust to you all... i hope you never have to experience a tubal pg... it is awful.


crisy - May 17

Hi dionne. I am so sorry for what you had to go through. I hope that you are not in to much pain. My grandmother had an ectopic pregnancy as well and she lost her tube. Back then, she almost died because they did not have all the technology that they have now. You will be able to become pregnant again. I wish you all the best and keep the faith.


dionne - May 17

thanks crisy - was your grandmother able to have children after it?


crisy - May 18

Hi dionne. My grandmother was able to have kids after that. She had my mom and that's why I'm here today. Don't give up honey. I know that what you went through is the most horrible thing and losing a tube is very devastating. My thoughts are with you. Keep in touch.


S - May 18

Hi Dionne, My mom had a tubal pregnancy and actually had her tube rupture...she ended up having me so you can definitely have babies again!!! Baby dust! :-)


dionne - May 18

you girls make me so hopeful! thank you so much!



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