I Don T Get It

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A - October 10

I just read a post about a poor woman who lost her baby at 24 weeks after the whole pregnancy was normal. What I don't understand is why the baby was not immediately brought to NICU? I thought that after 23 weeks the baby has at least a 50% chance of surviving under specialized care. Do you think that this is not true? Now I am really nervous. Why would the doctors not do everything to help this poor little boy?


Alison - October 14

Hi A, which post was that one? Did it say the baby was born alive? If they were it could be they didn't live long enough to be brought to NICU and died almost immediately? I am sure the doctors would do everything in their power to save any baby born prematurely. My older brother was born almost 3 months early and weighed 2lb 13oz. This was over 30 years ago-the doctors didn't hold out much hope but they did their best and he survived and is now a healthy 32 year old! If you are going to be attending a reputiible hospital with good doctors then I feel sure if you were to give birth early they would do their upmost to give your baby the best hope of life. Very sadly some babies do not make it and there is not anything to do to save them. This sounds like what happened on the post you are referring to but I can't be sure as don't know which one it is. Wishing you the best-take care xxx


crisy - October 14

Hi A. Usually the babies born before 25 weeks of gestation have a very small chance of surviving almost none. 25 weekers have 50 % chance but not the ones born less than that. Sometimes even though the doctors and nurses do everything the baby cannot be saved. It's very sad and devastating for the parents. Please take good care of yourself.


A - October 14

Thanks for answering everyone. It is so devastating to hear about...I just feel it is such a tragedy I wish there was something that could prevent it...



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