I Had A2nd MC

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Jennyfer1979 - February 13

Let me tell my story first..... Back in june 05 I had a tubal reversal. So minths go by and go by and FINALLY in October 05 I got a positive PG test. 2 days later..I start bleeding. I head to the ER and they state that I am indeed miscarrying. At that point I wasnt so upset, I was more happy to know that the surgery worked and I was able to get pregnant. Dont get me wrong, I was sad, but relieved. Well...we wanted to see a Dr to see what he thinks could be the problem..so on january 20 I go for a Progesterone test and it comes back that I didnt even ovulate that month (just a little infor LMP 12/31/05). But I was due to ovulate on 01/13/06. I was devistated. So now I have spent all this money yo get my tubes untied and suffered an early miscarriage, now Im not even spitting out eggs. Well AF was due on 01/27/06 and she never showed her uglyface and I was due to have a HSG test on the 6th of Feb. to make sure that my tubes were open..So on the 3rd I chose to take a test because I had no AF and lo and beold it was that beautiful +, I couldnt believe it because I thought for sure I was out that month due to no ovulation. Well on Feb 10 I miscarried and now im labeled as a repeat miscarrier and they want to figure out why. As I layed in my bed crying and swearing that I couldnt do this anymore...I had a thought....I am not a quitter...I am going to try again and again. I will let my future baby know just how hard I tried and fail to get them here. So none of you need to give up either....Have faith and it shall be returned. Thanks for listening. Jennifer


frankschick2001 - February 13

You are awesome. I really respect your tenacity. I've had one miscarriage and am furvently trying again as well. If you won't give up, then neither will I.


Jill7 - February 15

Jennifer - I think that is great that you are not giving up. I too am in the same situation. I had a mc on May 05 and then again in the beginning of Jan of this year. But my doctor said he won't do any testing unless it happens a third time. I really wanted to know if there was something wrong, so it could be fixed. I don't think that is asking for much and he said no. It doesn't seem fair to have to wait to see if it does happen again. I am currently 5weeks and 4days post d&c, and I o'd on Feb 4th, so I am waiting for af to come so we can get started again. Good luck to you.


maz - February 15

jennifer its good you are still trying i had 3 miscarriages each in a row over a period of 3 years and i felt so low and convinced i would never have a baby. no matter what people say you need to find your inner strength thats what i did and i never gave up hope and i know have a 2 year old son who i love to bits so jenny there is hope.


July23bride - February 15

I pray you and me and the rest of the women that want to conceive get our wish this year. I know it's hard for you cause it is for me. I just had an ectopic preg on 2/6. So I'm in the same shoes hopefully soon our luck will turn into lil blessings



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