I Had My First Miscarriage On Jan 23rd

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Nicole0929 - February 18

My normal cycle is 35 days. I miscarried on jan 23rd. This monday will be 4 wks and no sign period. I thought I had fertile mucous the other day but I'm not sure. Usually I get crampy the day I ovulate. Nothing so far. I have to use the clearblue monitor for tracking ovulation. Does anyone else have longer cycles? I just dont know what to expect and an anxious and frustrated. Im trying to relax. I have a beautiful little boy already. I had to be on clomid to conceive himm because my cycles wouldnt regulate and I wasnt ovulating. Not this time though. Unfortunately it ended with disappointment. Any feedback would be nice. Thanks!!


JuJu - February 18

Nicole; I too have longer cycles - I had my d&c on Jan 3rd and I am pretty sure I 'o'-d almost 4 weeks later - and am now pregnant. Throughout that first month, I had ewcm more than once, and I experienced my usual 'o' pain - but didn't actually 'o' until over a week later! Sometimes after a m/c our bodies can take thier timne to readjust; don't stress out too much. I found that doing a bbt chart was a way for me to focus my energy on something positive - and found it to be very educational! Try not to worry; it will all come together. If you managed to conceive naturally then your chances of doing it again are very high! Good luck-


Nicole0929 - February 19

Thanks JuJu. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am trying to be positive. Today is cd 27 and I do know if I ovulated. I thought maybe this past Wednesday. I got what I thought was ewcm after I went to the bathroom. But I also had bd the night before. So I wasnt sure if it was left over. Sorry if I am being too detailed. My cm usually changes throughout my cycle.I guess I wait and see. I was also using the fertility monitor but becuase today was cycle day 27 it stopped asking for a test. I never got a high or peak with it. I guess I will have to pay more attention to my cm. I do check everyday. Do you recommend checking throughout the day?


Susan W - February 19

Yes, check every day for mucus, and every time you go to the bathroom. We had a really extensive discussion of cm recently under the thread name "cervical mucus?" if you want more information. But be positive and keep in mind your body may act differently now after the m/c. Also, a pregnancy resets your system and you may ovulate without a__sistance now. You have a good chance at getting another pregnancy and having it end happily. Good luck :)


JuJu - February 20

Nicole - I think the general rule of thumb is, that when you 'scrunch' - your cm will be altered in consitancy for up to 24 hours....meaning it will be harder for you to tell the difference. Once you are used to checking your CM frequently though, you will be able to discern EWMC from the....scrunching stuff (trying to be polite here!)



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