I Have To Have A D Amp C Tuesday The 20th

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ROBYN - February 15

I will be 14 weeks at the time of this procedure this is completely unexpected due to no amniotic fluid and the kidneys not forming with the baby. can anyone tell me what to expect i am going to be out for the procedure but what happens before and after and is it painful physically?


sharerc - February 15

They will take your blood and check some things. After that they will start an I/V. I'm not sure what they put in you. I had to wait for about 2 hours before the procedure but I did the PreOp on the same day. They will take you into the pre-surgery/recovery room and the anethesiologist will come in. They asked me SEVERAL times why I was there and I think that is just procedure. That want to be aware that you know what is going on and have consented to the procedure. Just be prepared to answer them everytime although it will be hard. They gave me some meds to calm me down. They made me really sleepy. Then they rolled me into the OR and moved me onto the table. I was almost out by this point and my legs weren't cooperating. Then they will put you in 'twilight'. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes. I had very little cramping or pain after the surgery. I didn't do well with the anethesia though. If you know you don't react well to it you might ask for an anti-nausia. I did and it helped a lot. Then they took me back into the room and I went home about 2 1/2 hours later. The next day I was doing yard work. I'm very sorry you are going through this. I wish you the best of luck in getting your BFP again.


sharerc - February 15

Oh. I was 9 weeks with a blighted ovum.


ROBYN - February 15

sharerc thank you so much for what you told me i am also sorry that you had to go thru this as well i wish you the same luck for another wonderful and lasting BFP


BeccaC - February 15

Robyn, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I had two D&Cs last year, the first was a blighted ovum & I didn't know until my 12 week appt. The D&C is a pretty simple procedure - sharerc explained it pretty well. Physically, I was a little crampy, and you don't need heavy medication for the pain after - I think they give you ibuprofin. You will bleed like a period for a few days and you should take it easy. Emotionally, I had a hard time, because you are going in for a surgery that you wernt expecting. I wish you all the best, and I know you will be okay. Take care and lots of hugs!!


ROBYN - February 16

Becca thank you it really means alot for all of you to open up and talk about this awful experience and guide the ones who are about to go thru this.


jessieb - February 16

hi robyn, i have had two miscarriages. the first one happened naturally. the second one required a d&C, i waited for two weeks for the miscarriage to happen naturally. i just didn't want to have surgery, i had never been into a hospital since i was born. and i figured i did it once naturally, i could do it again. well, i had to have the D&C. after two weeks, i was a mess. anyway.... my experience was very similar to what the other women have said. except i did not bleed till 2 or 3 days after the procedure. i thought i had escaped the bleeding! they gave me morphine right when i came out of the surgery. after i left the hospital, i think i used the prescription pain killers twice. the natural miscarriage was MUCH more painful. the hardest part of the d&c is definitely the emotional part of it. it is a procedure that women don't want. the hospital i went to buried the 'products of conception'. we had to sign the approval for that as the mother and father. i was not prepared for that piece of paper, i hadn't broke down at the hospital till that piece of paper. because to me i was not a mother. i am pretty sure it was a catholic hospital (i was so foggy at the time!!) a woman from the chaplain services came and visited my husband and i before the surgery. i felt very respected and the hospital treated me more like a mother losing her child than my OB did. i am sorry for your loss. my heart goes out to every woman who endures this horror.


sososleepy - February 16

Robyn, I hurt going in with cramps and bleeding. I was in pre op, signed forms, started iv, have no idea how long that took; an hour or two (felt like eternity), then they rolled me in and I scooted from the rolling bed to the table. People started sticking stuff on me (the pads to monitor heart; 5 or so of them) while someone strapped my left arm (with the iv) out beside me so I wouldn't move it and pull the iv out, then someone stuck the breath here thingy on my face and that's the last thing I knew till I was rolling toward recovery which I detailed in your 'never thought i'd be here' post. I did cough like crazy while waking up and for about 20 minutes after, but that could be due to a cold I had at the time and or being a smoker. I immediately asked how I could leave, they said eat and drink and you can go so I chugged a can of iced tea, shoved a couple of ghram crackers down my throat and demanded my clothes while I chewed. They let me go. My husband was there freaking out because I insisted on driving home (we happened to be there with both cars). To ease his mind we went to a restaurant where I drank iced tea and stared at my food (finally ate a meal the next day, and another the next - when I'm that sad I'm just not hungry, and since I'm not slender [ok, i'm a bit fat] I figure I can skip some of the calories) while he ate his, and then I drove home and did laundry feeling physically ok, mentally broken. So no, it didn't hurt, it relieved the pain I had from the cramps. I hope that helps. Very minor spotting for several days after.


sharerc - February 16

Robyn, my OB said sometimes they will want to put in a catheder. But she let me pee several times beforehand because I can't stand those. And I didn't have to have one put in. You might ask abou that.


1mom - February 16

HI Robyn. You really don't need to worry. The procedure will be over fast. I think the doctor told me that it only took like ten minutes once i was out. So all you will remember is Laying on the table like your going to have an exam, them giving you the medicine through the IV and then waking up. They give you medicine for pain afterwards. Honestly i didn't cramp and hardly bled after my last mc. Just wear comfy clothes to go home in. And they will tell you to take it easy and don't lift things for a few days aftereward. You really do need to do that. The only time i bled alot was after i picked up my daughter. So just just rest and relax and let your body heal. Hope your ok. If you need to know anything else just let me know if i can help.


ROBYN - February 16

Gayle thank you for coming on here and telling me i know this hard for you too i was so upset when i found out about you i cried for you honestly. SOSLEEPY- thank you for giving me the details i dont know why i want to know so much but hearing this from everyone has made me feel a little better knowing that its seems to not be a painful procedure physically. Emotionally well thats a whole other issue. I am the kind of person that i will greive this but i will insist on moving forward quickly. I am anxious to start my next IVF cycle and the sooner the better i want to be pregnant again and i dont ever want to have to go thru this again.


BeccaC - February 16

Hi Robyn. The waiting for the 20th probably seems like eternity. Please let us know how your procedure went. When the whole thing is over, it'll get better...I promise. I will pray for you. Take care.


ROBYN - February 16

Becca thank you i promise i will update as soon as its done.


stefkay - February 17

Hi robyn! I wasn't able to get to the computer yesterday as I'm visiting my mom, but I've had 2 d&c's...The first was when I was much younger and was my first pregnancy. I chose to abort--it is still hard for me today because I had no idea that I would end up having the problems I have now (they are not due to the d&c though, believe me, I've bawled to my dr. about it). I was awake for that...I don't think they care to make you very comfortable...lol and it was not pleasant. All I got was 1 tylenol 3 and that was 3 hrs prior to the procedure. The second was with my first m/c and I had horrible abdominal pains going into the er. I didn't think there was any problem with the pregnancy because the pain was up high in my stomach area. I had intestinal blockage and when they did an u/s they thought I was ectopic because I was supposed to be 6 weeks or so and my hcg was high and had been rising perfectly. They did the d&c while I was out and I didn't feel a thing. I did throw up as soon as I awoke, so maybe ask for the anti-nausea like someone else mentioned. Other than that I was ok, but I was given IV pain meds because of the other things going on. I still don't know what happened exactly with that pregnancy as my dr. was so vague about it. I really think it was too early on to see much on the abdominal u/s they did because I was barely 6 weeks, but what is done is done. And, as you know, my last was a natural m/c that ended later after seeing a hb. did you get to ask your dr. yet how soon you will be able to try IVF again? I'm so praying for you. This just kills me too see this happening. You were such a trooper through what you've had to go through with the bleeding, etc. I kept up on you by reading the posts occasionally. {HUGS} Stef


ROBYN - February 17

Hey Stef, i left a message yesterday for the IVF nurse to call to see if they can move up the appt sooner than the 28th of March. Our phone lines went dead in the house for a few hours yesterday so i am sure i missed the call. So i left another message late in the afternoon yesterday so hoping they will call Monday. I dont know how long they will make me wait after this procedure on Tuesday i hope its not too long. Knowing we can do IVf again is the only thing keeping me sane right now other than that i am sure i would be taking this differently. Then again Tuesday isnt here and i havent had this procedure yet so i have no idea how i will react afterwards. I will definitely ask for the nausea thing in the IV because i do get nausea after anthesia. Thanks for keeping in touch with me it really means alot and i am sure i am going to need support in the upcoming days.


sososleepy - February 17

Robyn, Stefkkay brought up a good point: do not eat at all before the d&c. I ate lunch Sunday afternoon around 1, and was spotting then, by the time lunch ended (we were at a restaurant with friends; it was horrible) I was bleeding with little clots. I all ready had a doc appt for the next am (first ultra sound) so just waited out the extremely long night because I knew going to the er couldn't change the outcome at that point, but I didn't eat anything (didn't expect a d&c, opposed it actually, but didn't eat because I was completely flipped out shocked miserable stunned...). I drank a lot of water Monday am because I thought they'd want to go ahead and do the scheduled ultrasound to see what was happening (I needed to see), which they did, then he scheduled the D&C for noon that same day (his practice is conveniently located across from the hospital, and he did the D&C). He said I couldn't eat or drink for 6 hours before, but I'd go for at least 8 on the food if I were you. You do NOT want to wake up and begin barfing! That can also REALLY complicate the D&C if you're heaving while you're out, and you want it done properly without complications. The waiting is awful, I'm sorry you have to wait. I think going for it right away was better. My doc said it is a 5 to 6 minute procedure. Plan on several hours there just in case as there is paperwork, prep time, (and I'm guessing wait for the room time as they use it all the time so it's still an in line sort of thing, you just don't see the line), and recovery time. The hardest part was sitting completely naked (hospital robe and blanket just don't count) in that little cubicle waiting for them to do it. Bring a distraction like a book or whatever portable fidgit thing works for you. I was miserable sitting there thinking about it. Ask when you can expect to ovulate after if you get the chance... It looks like you're moving on in your thoughts to ttc again, and that's the one question I can't get a solid answer on (I know, there isn't one... but I keep asking, and it sounds like you might want to know too.) Hugs and keep us posted.


ROBYN - February 17

sosleepy - thanks for the info the nurse told me no food at all for at 6 hours prior the appt is at 930 am she said be prepared we could be there give or take 5 hours depending on whats going on in the office. That did not make me feel better at all. She said its a busy office and like you said the paper work and the prep takes the longest. She said they will knock me out then its the recovery i will also mention that i get nauseous so they can inject the stuff in the IV so i dont puke afterwards. Were you able to bring your husband with you while you waited or you were their by yourself? How long before they give you something to knock you out? I agree i wish they would have done this days ago its really starting to effect me now. My OB insisted that i wait the week in case some freak of nature that things changed. But once i got the 2nd opinion from the 2nd perinatologist he said really there was no reason to wait but when i made the appt i wound up having to wait anyway. I didnt even ask if they could have done it sooner my mind was all over the place. I am so scared i put it in words i have been crying on and off all day today the anticipation and reality is finally setting in. I didnt realize how much comfort i would find on this site and how much you all keep coming on here to help me thru this it means more than i can write. I will need more support Tuesday and after. I just want to get pregnant again thats all i want and i want to be happy again instead of just sitting on my couch and in my pj's in a funk. I am sure after Tuesday i will feel relief. We are trying to plan a trip to Disney World in the next 2 weeks to take my son and get my mind off of things its about a 2 hour drive for us i think it would do me good to get out of here for a long weekend.



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