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Punkin - February 26

I was wondering those of you who have had a m/c, did you have bad m/s. I was just wondering if having bad m/s "lessens" the likelyhood of a m/c. I know there is no gaurantee, but was just wondering. I know that not having m/s, does not mean you will have a m/c, I have just heard that being sick might be a sign of the increase in hormones, and wondering if that played a part in a viable pregnancy. Sorry this is so rambling, just trying to watch my wording, as to not hurt anyone's feelings. Thanks so much in advance!!!!


sososleepy - February 26

Hi Punkin, I get you. No, I had 2 kids just over a decade ago and barfed my brains out ALL DAY for 9 MONTHS! I was completely flipped this time, because I threw up a bit at the beginning, still not as much as before, and then only a few times over the next several weeks. I was also feeling bad, tired, just crummy, which wasn't the case before. I think that loss of symptoms before 12 weeks is a bad sign, at least for me. Look up hormones during pg before you flip out. hCG and progesterone and estrogen, in that order. Learn how they rise and fall, and if your symptoms go with them you're probably ok. I remember going to work and telling someone there I felt better because I threw up again finally. That was about 3 weeks before mc, and the last good barf. I really thought I'd have totally messed up amnio results... somehow mc didn't cross my mind until I started bleeding at 9 weeks, with cramps. That was 30 days ago, and I'm totally proud of myself that I can type this without a tear. It does get better with time. Still hurts, but good to talk about it (for me). I'm currently either 11 or 9 dpo (temp went up .4, down .1, up .6 so either dip could have been the O), very very ttc, got negative hpt's for the last 6 days, temps holding steady, feel like af's coming, and more or less mentally prepared for it. I'm not sure 'bad m/s' (morning sickness I a__sume?) helps because some people don't seem to get it, but m/s that starts and then vanishes within the first 10 or so weeks would send me to my doc demanding 2 hCG tests 24 to 48 hours apart to see if it's going up (properly, at all..) or down after what I've been through. Good Luck!


stefkay - February 26

hi Punkin, don't worry about offending anyone. When I was pregnant I worried 24-7 it seemed like and just wanted help and answers. sososleepy is right about having a symptom and then losing it suddenly, it could be a bad sign, but not necessarily. If you feel that something is wrong bug your dr. until they can maybe give an u/s or something for your peace of mind. As for not having m/s at all, I know that doesn't signify anything bad from what my dr. told me. I was worried because I didn't have m/s AT ALL and asked her about it. She asked me if my mom had it and I knew that my mom told me she never had any m/s at all with any of us 3 kids that she had. My doctor told me it was hereditary (I had never heard that anywhere before). So for me, I don't expect to have it and I know that some women have said they had it with one child and not another and it didn't mean there were problems. Ok, I'm rambling now :-) I guess bottom line would be that if you had it and suddenly it stopped early on it could mean something. BUT I had many friends who had m/s then it eased and left well before the 12 wk point (around 8-9 weeks?). Hope I didn't just confuse you more *sigh*....


SaraH - February 26

w/ my first m/c I lost it supper early (around 5w's) and didn't have any m/s -but I was probably too early for that. W/ the other m/c I think I had m/s for about 2 w/ before I lost it (lost it at just over the 7w mark), and I remember barfing up until the day before I lost it so...the m/s went all the way through to the m/c. I've heard that m/s does "lessen" the likely hood of m/c, however, there are plenty of pregnancies where the women never has m/s and never m/c's so...having it, not having it, nether one is a for sure sign that things will or wont work out. By the way, I'm 34.5w's pregnant again (so hang in there there is always hope --even after more then 1 m/c and no other children), and w/ this one I had m/s for the first 14-15 w, and since then I still get nauseated probably 2-3 days/week. Good luck to you girls ttc and just keep hanging in there. It will happen, and just remember when it does, chances are great that you'll end up w/ a healthy baby, even if you don't have m/s.


hailey07 - February 26

I barely had m/s with my first pregnancy that ended in m/c. I only had small bouts of nausea, nothing vomit worthy. I did however, have extremely swollen, sore b___sts (it was bad) and actually as my hormone levels decreased I noticed the tenderness also decreased. So yes, for me I had no m/s and a m/c. However, I know of two women who had terrible m/s and m/c's. One had a molar pregnancy, so her hcG levels were very high, and the other had a missed m/c. Sorry to give you conflicting info, but I think it depends on how the woman reacts to the rise in hormones.


Punkin - February 26

Thank you all so much!!! With my first (over 6 years ago) I don't remember being this worried! We tried for almost 2 years for this one, and I am constantly being a worry wart. I was super super sick with DD, and I am sick now, just not to the extent. I am so sorry for everyone's losses, and amazed and inspired by your streanght to talk about it!!! You all are amazing, and good luck ttc, and with your new pregnancy!!!!


margie - February 27

hi punkin! i think we all can relate to the worryness of early pregnancy here so we all understand this question. my m/c was my first pregnancy so i have nothing else to compare it to, but i never had an m/s at all...maybe just slightly nauseous in the morning before i ate but nothing more than that. i always worried about it...but then again, my sister had a healthy pregnancy with no m/s at all so it isn't an exact indicator of good hormone levels i dont think. as for me, i hope that i puke my guts out next time around! lol...i have a feeling that someday i may regret that statement, perhaps i should be cautious of what i wish for! :) good luck with everything!


jessieb - February 28

i too felt concerned when i never had the full-fledged m/s with either of my pregnancies. they both ended in miscarriages. i had a little nausea but no actual morning sickness like others have mentioned. i can't wait to be barfing my brains out. i will take it as a good sign : )


Cabbie - March 1

I had a lot of sickness with my first miscarriage. I threw up a lot. None with my second. With my third, I had severe nausea even at the ten week point when I went in for the ultrasound and found it was a blighted ovum. It was really strange. With the blighted ovum, my symptoms where so much more pronounced. My b___st hurt so bad that I would wake up at night if I rolled onto my stomach. I had so much fatigue I had to have help with my other two kids, and the nausea was just overwhelming.


JuJu - March 2

Punkin; with both of my miscarriages I had less nausea than my two successful pregnancies. Having said that, with my current pregnancy (35.5 weeks) my m/s came and went, which as sosleepy pointed out earlier, is due to hormone fluctuations. There were definitely times when I was really worried in the first trimester, mostly on the days when my m/s disappeared! I have seen medical statistics, which suggest that m/s is a__sociated with a higher chance of viability - I think this is such because many non-viable pregnancies tend to have lower hormone levels - may be a link with low HcG levels, but nothing is known for sure. Scientists still aren't completely sure what exactly causes m/s! I think the thing to remember here is, that everyone is different, and what is normal for one pregnancy may not be the case with another. I am a__suming you are pregnant (!??!) and if so, congrats on your pregnancy and try not to worry too much :)



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