I Know I M Young But I Just Need Sum1 To Talk 2

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Robyn - May 24

I'm 15 and i went to the hospital a week ago and they told me i'd had a miscarriage. Me and my boyf had things planned and i was 15 weeks along. My boyf has just dumped me and now i have nothing:( i want my baby so bad and it's all i can think about and i just keep crying please someone who has been through the same thing talk 2 me i just need someone 2 talk 2 coz none of my friend's talk 2 me nemore:( luv ya x x x


Erin - May 24

Robyn, I don't think that it matters how old you are, when you lose a baby every one experiences the same grief. I don't know what I would have done if my BF had left me after my MC. Just remember it has only been a week and you are expected to cry you had hopes and dreams for this child and a life you would live. Now things are just supposed to go back to normal but how could they. I MC almost 2 mos ago and I still cry all the time. Not every day now, but the grief will not go away. Try to learn from it and remember it was your baby and you have a right to be miserable. I have found that this site really helps and knowing that so many women have been through this. About your friends don't feel bad either they don't know what to to say and even if they tried I am sure it would come out all wrong. Please let me know if you need to talk and maybe try to do something to memoralize your baby for you like make a box with sonogram pictures or write a letter syaing good bye. We named our baby and we still write letters when we are feeling sad, I don't know it works for us and I hope it helps!


amy - May 24

robyn your age don't matter i got pg with my first when i was 17 but i did have a m/c 3 weeks ago and know how you feel just try to take it one day at a time we will be here to talk


hi - May 24

Hi Robyn, it took me a long while after my miscarriage to finally be able to finally think of my baby in Heaven and not bawl my eyes out over it. Just think, that little baby is up There watching over you now. Go on with your life and make your tiny Guardian Angel proud!


Robyn - May 24

Thanks :) i'm a bit happier but i love my baby even though i never got to meet it. My mum was the one who took me to the hospital and when i found out, she was there. The doctor told me and i saw the smile on my mum's face, she was so happy but i just wanted to burst out crying but i didn't! I have 2 hide the fact that i'm upset about my baby dying:( It hurts so much i told her that i thought i was having a miscarriage so she could help me through it and shes just so happy about it! And on my way out of the hospital my mum made me walk through the materniy ward and i saw all the mummies with their babies i thought i was gonna die!! I've spent this afternoon writing a letter to my baby :( and my ex-boyf is coming round 2 c me 2moro. Hopefully things will get better. Much love 2 all of you and thanks 4 telling me all of this it has helped. Lots of love from Robyn x X x X x X x


Erin - May 24

Robin I understand the pain of your Mothers comments. I am 24 and I am not married, although I am with a wonderful man I know that his family was relieved that I MC. His sister even told him it was for the best. But how does she know. I just have to remember that, if they haven't been through it they don't know the pain. So even if it was for the best, the pain is real and no women should ever have to feel that. I hope the letter helps and I hope you and your bf can talk through things tomorrow. Just remember that you should never have to hide how you feel!


pennylayne - May 25

oh robyn....i feel ya sister. I just had an m/c 2 weeks ago, and my bf couldnt be bothered with taking me to the hispital of grieveing with me. i am 22. i wanted that baby so bad, and we were planning on marriage and everything, now..hes decided we should wait to get married and that he night want to be a bachelor again. I was alone, and i know how you feel. don't listen to your mum, but don't judge her either. i told my family i was pg, but he never told anybody, can you imagine how i felt? he is relived, but more upset that i had to go through pain,than that i lost a baby. if you like, you can write when you feel [email protected] stay strong, there will be a next time, with a much better man, and under better circ_mstances, trust me.


Robyn - May 25

Thanx Erin and pennylayne! people can be so cruel sometimes!! the thing is i told my mum bcoz i thought she'd understand bcoz she had 1 b4me and 1 b4 my brothers! She knows what it's like she thinks that just bcoz im young that i dont care! Erin... your boyfriend's sister was totally out of order saying that!! And Pennylyne i feel 4 u! we have alot in common, alone with no boyfriend and no baby either mine meant the world 2 me and it was my future! :(:( does ne1 think this is stupid but ever since i found out i was pregnant i thought it was a boy so i named my baby Cameron. Do you think it's stupid and that im trying 2 not 4get about him?? luv ya'll x X x X x


erin - May 26

I don't think it's stupid Robyn. That was your baby, and you'll always remember it. I like the name Cameron. I'm really sorry you had to go through all this, and that you don't have more supportive people close to you. I have never been through a miscarriage myself, and I don't have any kids(not pregnant either), so I can't say I know how you feel, but I can imagine how horrible it must be to go through something like that. Keep your head up, things will get better. Just remember it's okay to grieve and it's okay to cry...even a long time from now. Time will go by and things will get better but don't let anyone make you feel like you can't still be sad for the loss of your baby. I would definately try the memory box thing if you haven't already. Maybe get a cute little box, or just a shoe box even, and put his name on it, and fill it will momentos and letters to him. Good luck to you, and I hope everything starts going better for you.


Laneen - May 27

Robyn please e-mail me. I'd like to talk to you more intimately. I am a youth pastor. I think I may be able to help you sweety. [email protected] I hope I hear from you. In the mean time I will be praying for you.


Erin - May 27

Hi Robyn, I hope things are getting easier as the days past. We thought that our baby was a little boy to and we named him Sam. It was what we called him from the very beginning. I like the name Cameron and I think that by naming your baby you are allowing yourself to never forget but also allowing yourself to grieve. I am thinking about you and hope the best for you.


Erin - May 27

Oh Yeah, I am reading this book called Silent Grief it is really helping and allowing me to understand why no one else understands. I highly recomend it!


Robyn - May 28

ok, kinda confusin with all the Erin's but i'm gettin it now. erin thanx 4 your reply hun it was nice and i hope you never have a miscarriage in your life and Laneen i will email you soon and Erin, i like the name Sam too and i thik i may get that book if i can find it! thanks again every1 and there is some ggod news! My boyf said he was stupid to ditch me and that he's really sorry he loves the name Cameron and we're back together:):) hope all of you are well lots of love from Robyn x X x X x X x


Robyn - May 28

Oh yeah could you all keep me updated on how ure doing please:) Lots of love Robyn x X x X x


Erin - May 29

I am kind of confused as to why some one that has never been pregnant or had a MC was on this site. But oh well! Robyn I am so glad that you and your BF are back together and that he is respectful of your choice to name the baby. I hope that you guys can grow and learn from this experience if one thing I have learned this experience can make you closer or pull you farter a part from the man you love. I hope you guys can hold on to the love! My Bf is out of town visiting his siter who just had abbay this week, I couldn't go! It was just to much, but I am so lonely and lost with out him. It is crazy some days I feel like I can do this I can move past, but other days I just feel so lost, empty and lonely. I guess today is one of those days!


Robyn - May 30

Erin, thanks you seem like such a sweet person! I totally understand why you couldn't go, my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend is 20 weeks along and she used to help me with all the decisions i was going to make. I don't think i can talk 2 her anymore i know it's stupid but i'm just so jealous of her! but Erin don't worry you can get through it. Remember that i'm ALWAYS here! i know it sounds stupid as im the one who wanted advice in the first place but we're going through exactly the same thing and we can help each other through it. Lots of Love from Robyn x X x X x


Erin - May 30

Thanks Robyn! You are wise beyond your age. I really appreciate your support. I just found out last night that my BF is pregnant. She is terrified of kids and the type of girl that you just never expected to have a kid. I am having trouble being happy for her as I am sure you are for your friend. I guess it is just something that we are going to have to learn to live with. I just wonder how we get pa__sed the anger? Have a happy memorial day. Love Erin



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