I M Depressed

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Elise - March 24

I had a m/c Dec 16 and went through all of the grieving. Doctor told me to wait 2 cycles before TTC again which I did so last month was the first time we could TTC since m/c. AF came yesterday and ever since I've been really depressed. I'm scared now that we'll never be pregnant again. Anyone else experience this and how did you get through it?


parkermegan - March 24

I am just ttc again for the first time this month. I think I am 2-3 dpo. Don't worry about not conceiving the first time you try!! There is actually a small percentage that O results in pregnancy for a normal healthy person. Sometimes it just takes a few tries. That has nothing to do with you or your dh. Don't stress out about it!! You will be ttc again before you know it!! People think it is so easy to get pg right away maybe because they did the first time.....but either way sometimes it takes time! Having a mc in no way makes you not be able to get pg again!!


kc - March 24

Elise, I know how you feel...I read the t_tle of your post and without knowing it was about just wanted to say, "me too, I'm depressed too." This is my first month ttc after m/c too, and I haven't gotten af yet, but just feel like I'm not pregnant anyway...no symptoms or anything. It's just hard getting through every day, isn't it? I think what I need is a distraction, something else to get excited about in the short term (to help make the waiting more bearable). Problem is, I already took big vacation trips and stopped some of the other things I enjoy (team sports, training, etc), because I was planning to be pg! So now I'm just bored with nothing to think about except work and what cycle day I'm currently on. But like parker said, it takes time to get preg (only 20% chance each month), so don't let yourself feel discouraged.


AshleyB - March 24

This is my 3rd month ttc since the m/c. We got pg the first month trying the first time, so it's a little discouraging, but you gotta remember even if a sperm and egg meet under perfect conditions there is still only a 25% chance that it will result in a baby. So give it some time and it will happen as soon as your body is ready. Good Luck


Elise - March 24

Thanks, girls. That means a lot. Sometimes I just feel very alone in this (except for my husband of course). I did get pregnant the first try last time so I guess I was expecting too much. Baby dust all around!


parkermegan - March 24

Elise I know how you feel! I got pregnant the first try too. I think, (even though I am telling myself it may take a while), that I will get pg the first try. I am trying not to set myself up for failure....but I will be really depressed to if I don't get my BFP this month. I am 2-3 dpo like I said before so now MORE waiting!! KC, I understand what your going through too. I am a student and didn't register for any cla__ses this past Spring semester due to a history of EXTREME pg nausea. I also have a condition that causes me to have extreme morning sickness. Anyway long story short, when I found out I was pg I dropped all my cla__ses. Since me and DH are having to pay for everything I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to finish and getting stuck with that student loan. Now I am taking online cla__ses and not working since I am hoping to be pg soon. I would like to find a job, but it is hard to find someone who will hire you knowing you are ttc and I don't want to keep that from them. Plus the whole morning sickness thing, I don't know how I will feel when I get pg....I may have to quit for that reason. Who knows!! Well, this is a long post, I guess you girls are the only ones who understand all this crazy stuff!! Let's all hope we get BFP's really soon!!


JuJu - March 25

Elise; I know how you feel.....the past few months have been hard for me too, and I sometime wonder when the roller-coaster (a common metaphor on this forum!!) is going to stop and let me have a stroll on the platform!!! I just figure, that our luck has got top change sometime :) Thinking of you-


suzzieq - March 27

Elise, I am sorry for your loss in Dec and about af coming for a visit. I hate her company, I have for the past 6 years!!! I m/c in february and doc said it was fine to ttc this month. Well he said that before he thoroughly checked pg blood levels. Turns out my levels are still to high, just found that out today! Thought for sure this was my month, should have known better! I am really thinking that it is just in the plans for me to have another child, no matter how badly I want one. I love this site though, to hear all the good news from the other girls still leaves a bit of hope. And I feel genuinely happy for those who get bfps!! The girls here are very supportive and informative. It does take a while sometimes to conceive, and I wish you the best of luck!!


Val - March 28

Elise - I totally feel for you. I just got af again today and now I'm starting my 6th cycle since my mc. Today I am doing ok but I had really bad depression the first couple of cycles and when I got my last af I couldn't stop crying all day. I was in a total black hole of despair. What has helped me is to take some sort of positive step each cycle... like starting to see a naturopath, going on a diet, even painting my house. Just something so that I feel like I am not completely helpless. I try to remember that the bad days will end and the good days will come again. Take care of yourself...


frankschick2001 - March 28

ELISE: I think most of the women on this forum will know exactly how you feel. This month is the third month that we have been ttc since the miscarriage. It's sad when your period comes, but you get through it, because, well, you have no other choice. You have to change your mindset (which, yes, it is hard to do! ) or else every month that you don't get pregnant will be too hard! Before you know it, you'll be depressed all the time, and you don't want to concieve in that state of mind anyway. When I tried two months ago, and got my period, I really freaked out. Cried ALL WEEKEND, it was miserable. I made up my mind that if I was going to ttc, I cannot let that happen every month because it isn't healthy and in the end won't make things any easier. You WILL get pregnant again! Try not to stress out every month or it will really feel like it may never happen. I too got pregnant on our first try and sometimes am very confused as to why it has been three months that wer are ttc, and nothing yet. All you can do is keep trying.


JuJu - March 28

I definitely agree with Frankschick about stress and ttc......more studies are being done these days about the relationship between stress and delayed conception - and there's clear evidence that stress can contribute to fertility issues. Extremely hard to do; but taken more of a relaxed approach is better! Frankschick - how are you going? Nice to read your posting!



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