I Need An Advise Depression After Miscarriage

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missbug04 - November 21

h__lo everyone. i'm new in this forum so please be patient with me. I got pregnant the 1st try we had. It was one of the most special day for us since the pregnancy was wanted and planned only to find out after 10 weeks that i lost the baby during my 9th week. We were so devastated! My hubby seemed like he got over it easily. I HAVEN'T. Adding insult to injury- a month after my d/c , my OB did another papsmear and found out that i need to have cervical cone biopsy(thank GOD the result was normal) but no day has passed that i don't think of my misfortune. Its very depressing since we really wanted to get pregnant-most specially me. It's been 5 months since i had the cone biopsy and 5 months of still trying to conceive without any luck. In total- its been 9 months since i had my miscarriage. I need some advise from you guys. I feel so miserable and depressed. Any suggestions on how i can get over this situation? Going back to work seem not to help. What can i do to get over this? Sometimes i feel like i want to give up trying to get pregnant again. Thanks in advance for all your kind help.


tt-09 - November 21

well as for me i had a mc about 3 weeks ago and had a D&C the same day. it was very hard fr me to get over it but the thing that is getting me by is that god has other things planned for me and that is how i am thinking. You know that nobody knows what is instored for tomorrow so maybe god has other plans for you and when he thinks it is time trust me you will have a beautiful baby .


ZenGirl - November 21

don't be afraid to ask for help getting thru this. whether it is from your husband or a professional. what you are feeling is justified. once i finally opened up to my husband, i felt much, much better. we have a 5 year old and we have had 2 m/c since May of this year. i would still be a wreck if i had not talked thru it with him and the doctor. i was afraid at first to talk too much to him about it because i didn't want to scare him away from trying again. especially after the 2nd one. we are going to go thru some testing next cycle and try to prevent anything else from going wrong. good luck to you...


maybebaby2007 - November 22

I'm very sorry that you had to go trought it. It has also been 9 months altogether from my 2nd m/c. We lost both very early around 6th - 7th week. Both times we were lucky (if you can say that) and got pregnant straight away. We have now been actively trying for 6 months and no such luck! Don't worry about feeling low sometimes. I have days when I feel so positive and energetic and I still have days when I'm really depressed and cry. It's normal. For a long time I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. Nothing was making me happy. Only very recently I've started enjoying my hobbies again and I can throw myself into it and I do not think about my losses for a little while. It takes time and loving people around you. I do believe that it will happen again and it will have a happy ending for all of us!


sage122 - November 22

My heart goes out to you and I'm very sorry you had to go through all this. I've recently miscarried this week and it's very hard. The way I try to think positivley about it is that our babies are in heaven now and are and always will look down on us, and one day we'll see them in heaven. As for the depression that is completley expected after a miscarriage- I'm starting to see a counseler about it and it helps to have an understanding person to vent your feelings to. As for trying to conceive again, try to talk to your doctor so he or she can a__sist you in getting pregnant if you'd like to try that. Just keep trying I know that sometimes it takes a while but it will all be worth it in the end. You're in my prayers and remember-never give up.


jessieb - November 26

after me second miscarriage, i was absolutely devastated, i put so muvh faith ito the second pregnancy to help me get completely over the first. when the second one was gone too, i was doubly lost. it took 2 months, then i realized i needed help. mentally i was going nowhere. we were trying but with that not working out, it compounded on top of the miscarriages. i was extremely lucky to find a therapist who specialized in 'reproductive trauma', as she called it. she treated women suffering from PPD, miscarriages, infertility, etc and had been through most of it herself. I would highly highly recommend finding this, if you can. she helped me tremendously. i just needed someone to understand. i needed someone to listen. good luck in your journey and i am sorry for your loss.



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