I Need Encouraging Words

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Tiffany - April 7

I had a miscarriage on 4/3. This would have been my first baby. This site has been invaluable in helping me deal with my sadness and anger. My biggest fear is that I won't be able to have a baby. I was hoping someone had an encouraging story about miscarraige and a subsequent pregnancy with a healthy baby. Please help. Any stories will help calm my fears.


Paty - April 7

Hi Tiffany, I am sorry about that. I am going through the same situation. I miscarriage 4/5 and i cant get over it. It would have been my first baby too. I have no words to encourage you even if I read a lot about it and they say is not the end. Im sorry that I am not what you were asking for but I feel destroyed too and just needed to say something to youl


stacey - April 7

I miscarried on 1/28- still ttc again- only hope I have/good story- a friend of ours conceived 2 weeks after her m/c. She now has a beautiful baby boy!!!


Alison - April 8

Tiffany I am very sorry I have had 2 miscarriages (still trying for 1st baby) and I know how awful an experience it is. When we had our first loss several people we know told us that they had had on too and we didn't even know this! I've heard other people on this site say too how once they told people they knew they had had a miscarriage lots of them said they's had one too. The thing is all the people we know who have had one now have children so I keep that in mind and the fact to encourage me that it will happen...I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy next time around and I hope you receive all the support and help you need at this time. Just take it one day at a time that's all we can do. Take care xxx


SC - April 8

Tiffany-I am so sorry for your loss. I also m/c on 3/27 with my first, it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through, you do really have to take it one day at a time. I am almost at 2 weeks past, and still get really sad from time to time but it isnt as severe as the first week when all I did was cry. My doctor and nurses that I have had throughout this experience, had a D&C on 3/28 were so positive, my nurse that day said she was an OB nurse for 20 years and said it always seems to happen with your first, that many women wont have 2 in a row. My doctor said the blessing is that we know you can get pregnant now and implant in the right area, not eptopic. I too want to ttc right away and have a healthy baby this next time. Mydoctor had given us the go ahead after we meet with her on 4/21 for a f/u. Many will wait for a cycle in between but she told us it isnt necessary. Keep me posted, I wish you all the best and to everyone-healthy babies and recoveries all around!


theresa - April 8

Tiffany, look at the thread t_tled, 'did you tell people about your miscarriage' there are lots of happy follow-ups on that thread--it seems it's quite common, and many of the people who told family and friends were stunned to find out that they were in good company--little did they know that those happy families with multiple children had also had miscarriages



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