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lisa - November 2

I had a m/c on 9/6 at 13.5 weeks. I would like to start ttc again but doctor said to wait three cycles. I'm curently on my second cycle, and getting tired of the waiting game. So could any of you give me some advice how long to wait?


Kate - November 2

Lisa - every doctor is different.. did your doctor determine a reason for your m/c or why you should wait so long? my doctor told me to wait one cycle -- and that was only to properly date the next pregnancy (and to let my body heal a little bit from the d&c). Other than that he said that there is no medical reason to wait 3 cycles. You might want to ask your doctor his reasoning. I did get pregnancy after my second cycle post d&c.. so good luck!! waiting sucks... ;)


Laura - November 2

Hi Lisa, I had a m/c 9/3 I was 7 weeks. I did not have a d/c doctor told be I could ttc right away. The who waiting was for a accurate due date. Did you have a d/c? I have heard that is why people are told to wait for their body to heal. Good Luck***


Emma - November 3

I posted something like this whether there is any need to wait. I don't think there is any medical reason for waiting three months. I was told to wait one cycle, but only to accurately date a potential pregnancy. I had a natural miscarraige but plenty of people on this board who had a D&C went on to conceive within a few weeks. I say stop waiting and good luck!


lisa - November 7

Thanks for all your help I think we will start trying this month. I did have a d/c but the doctor didn't give a reason for the m/c or why to wait. I have a son that will be 4 on Dec. 3. and had no problems with that pregnancy. I go back to the doctor on 11/11 so I'll see what he says. Thanks again! and Lot of baby sent your way!!!


angel - November 7

hi please wait for the 3 months.. ur body needs to recover... i had a mc too and i get pregnant again in the second month and i mc again :( wait till ur body is ok and then u should have a healthy baby and no problems good luck :)


lisa - November 10

angel, Sorry for your losses did the doctor say you had a 2nd m/c because you got pregnant to soon after your first m/c?



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