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cassandra. - January 25

hi..i has a misc 1st dec..me n hubby r trying again..its all i think about- & i'm so anxious i'm afraid that i'm sitting the wrong/walking too fast/eating wrong food..i'm just afraid i'll hurt the baby..& i'm not even pregnant yet.help me please..


Alison - January 25

Hi Ca__sandra I am so sorry you are going through all this. I can totally relate to all the anxiety about everything we do/don't do it's normal after going through a miscarriage. But a miscarriage happens because something goes wrong in the process of the baby being formed-usually a random chromosonal error which is a "fluke" occurance. Some miscarriages will happen because of a medical problem of the mother such as blood clotting disorders, or a genetic condition from either parent. (the random chromosonal error is the most common cause of miscarriage) The way you sit or walking fast will not kill a healthy baby in the womb. It takes a very severe trauma to damage a baby in the womb as they are well protected in there. There are foods they advise avoiding in pregnancy such as undercooked eggs, soft cheeses, too much coffee etc and it's wise to follow the guidelines about these. But if you are being sensible I don't think you are putting your baby at any risk. It is very scary being pregnant after a loss I have been there a few times and am there again now. But when you do conceive again you have every reason to have hope and joy about your new pregnancy and to believe it will be ok. It's definately easier said than done but when you are pregnant again take it one day at a time-tell yourself positive things, visualise positive things and try to stay calm. You're not alone in feeling the way you do I really so sympathise-but your everyday life-walking, sitting, the way you lie etc etc won't harm your little one when they come along. Take care and I wish you a healthy pregnancy when you conceive again. Once you find out you could maybe arrange to have a chat with your doctor to talk over your nerves and maybe just having them there to listen to you and chat to you will help relax you a little? Take care xxx



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