I Think I Might Be Pregnant After Miscarriage

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mere - February 3

i had a miscarriage dec. 19. i was 7 weeks. i have not got my period again yet and i have all the signs of being pregnant i took 2 test and both were positive. could i really be pregnant and if i am i spotted jus a little bit but only on toilet paper should i be concerned?


lynette - February 4

Let me preface all I'm about to speculate with with "Go and see your doctor". Now, technically, you could be pregnant because it is possible to ovulate in the couple of weeks after a miscarriage and fall pregnant before getting a period. If you conceived in the last 7-10 days, the spotting could be because of the embryo implanting in the uterus wall (which is normal). The positive pregnancy tests should be reliable as after this much time your HCG levels should be back to 0 so would show a negative result. I know people who have fallen pregnant straight after miscarrying and they had successful pregnancies and healthy babies, so don't worry too much if you are. Go to the doc's and if you are, then go and celebrate the new possibilities this brings. Good luck!!!


Jo - February 4

I would have to say congratulations! i miscarried and pa__sed the tissue just 2 days ago and i am already wondering when i am going to ovulate so i can try again. i hope its as easy as you!


stacey - February 4

right there with you Jo, but I'm going to wait one cycle. I said before..I have a friend that got pregnant ( 8 mos. now) 2 weeks after her miscarriage. Good Luck!!!


MULGAJILL - February 4

i had miscarriage on december 16th, had next period on jan 17th, so unless it is some hgc left over from last preg then it sounds like you are.... and to jo, it is best to wait if you can to have one period before trying to conceive again.... reduces the chance of successive mc, it is hard but i had two mc very close together about 6 years ago, pretty traumatic, (then successfully had baby boy, problem free pregnancy) . Am now ttc again.... :-)


aiss - February 11

I miscarried dec 17. I just found out I'm pregnant too, I am as worried as you are. I've been searching on the internet about it, and I guess what I just want to read is words of hope. Let's pray for a successful pregnancy, for healthy babies and let's take care of ourselves the most we can.


Suzie - February 11

aiss, after your miscarriage did u have a normal period? or did you get pregnant right after miscarriage? I am asking because i am currently going through a miscarriage and i dont want to wait to TTC. i know i should wait for at least 1 AF but i dont want to. im not getting any younger! :)


aiss - February 11

suzie, I did get pregnant right after miscarriage, My doc told me to wait for at least 1 period, and I was planning to do so, but... it just happen.


Kelly - February 11

Hey all, my doctor told me I could start trying when I was ready after I miscarried. So I took it as I didn't have to wait for a period. So we are not waiting to try. Hope my luck is as great as yours!!!! Good luck and keep us posted.


Suzie - February 11

aiss, i pray your pregnancy goes well. does your doc know you are pregnant so soon after miscarriage? if so what did he/she say?? can u keep me posted about your progress? please :)


stacey - February 12

I have been posting all over this site for this, but noone has really responded. Maybe one of you can:I had a D&E 2 weeks ago (21st). My husband and I had intercourse 3 days ago (before dr. wanted us to) and yesterday I was having a brown mucusy discharge. Then it turned watery spotting, but more when wiped. It's gone today though.Could this be a period? Implantation bleeding-after only 2 days? Or possibly part of the miscarriage? Also, my b___bs (not nipples) feel abit different. Don't know if I'm making it up b/c I want to be prego again...I didn't have bleeding last time w/ implantation....PLEASE let me know what you think!!!!


stacey - February 12

Oh, could it also be mid-cycle break through bleeding?


aiss - February 14

suzie, I have not talked to my doctor yet, I really want to go when I have 8 weeks, b/c last time I went to the doctor too soon and we couldn't see anything in the sonogram, not even the sac. And when my first daughter, the same thing happened.


aiss - February 14

stacy, I have no idea, from what I've read every case is so different. 2 weeks after my D&C I was still spotting. but then I've read about girls who got pregnant after 2 weeks.


emily - February 15

i had a miscarriage on jan 2 and now i'm pg again, what i'm wondering is how do you tell how far along you are? is the day of the m/c considered the first day of your period? i have an appt on the 28th of this month, when i figure i'll be about 6 wks? but am curious in the meantime


Danielle - February 15

I had a miscarriage and d&c last week. I want to try asap. I know waiting is best but i was wondering how you know when you are ovulating for the first time after a miscarriage


lynette - February 15

From what I've read you can't tell when you are ovulating after a m/c, and some people don't ovulate until the second cycle. As for not knowing how pregnant you are, that is one of the main reasons they tell you to wait, so they can date the pregnancy. My doc told me it wasn't so much of a big deal these days as when you go for an u/s they can tell you how far along you are, but I guess waiting for your first period (1st day of m/c is not considered a period - 1st one usually arrives about 4-6 weeks after m/c) stops the wondering that Emily is going through.



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