Impending Miscarriage

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Mike - March 9

Good morning, My wife and I are going through a tumultuous few weeks and are wondering if anyone on the board has any advice or experience with this: low-rising HCG levels with conflicting signs. Here are our facts: - LMP was 1/12, but cycle length unknown since my wife went off the pill just 2 months prior and had been on it for almost 10 years. - Conception dates likely 1/28 or 2/1 - HCG Level on 2/14 was 100 (little low but normal) - HCG Level on 2/25 was 1750 (again a little low but well within normal according to doc) - Ultrasound on 3/1 revealed a 5-week old sac with embryo but no heartbeat (normal according to doc) - HCG Level on 3/3 was 2900 (doubling too slowly) This last HCG level prompted our doctor, who had up until then advised us that things seemed normal and our dates were probably just wrong, to tell us a miscarriage was very probable since the rates didn't increase properly. We spent the last week-plus assuming a misscarriage was coming any time, and we totally lost hope. Basically, we were thinking that way for our own sanity. However, today 3/9, we went for an ultrasound and it revealed a normal 6-6.5 week embryo in a normal sac with a heartbeat at 116 bpm. The ultrasound doctors both agreed it was a normal baby for just over 6 weeks and advised us that the ultrasound was far more reliable at this point than HCG levels. What do we make of all of this? The HCG levels did not double, yet here we are with a baby that *might* be up to a week behind in development, or might be just fine, but regardless has definitely grown properly over the last 8 days. Any reason for optimism? Mike


Kara - March 9

Mike - I'm not an expert on hcg levels, but the ultrasounds look normal, I would take comfort in that. Also, sperm can live for up to 5 days so just because you had relations on those two days, ovulation could have been several days later. So if it was the second batch of sperm that did the job and your wife ovulated late, your actual conception date could be very close to the level of development that your dr is seeing. And besides, worrying doesn't do you, your wife, or your baby any good. Worring will not prevent a miscarriage. Just cherish everyday of the pregnancy and every moment you have with your baby. Hopefully you'll have a lifetime. But if not, all you will have left are these moments you shared right now with your baby. Enjoy them.


Been There - March 9

Heck yes I would be optimistic!! This exact same thing happened to me, and I ended up having a healthy, beautiful, 8 lb. 1 oz. baby girl at 42 weeks. The doctor personally called me to say my hcg levels were not rising appropriately and "it didn't look good" but it all turned out perfectly in the end. If you look at any hcg chart, the "normal" values have HUGE ranges. I know this is a very scary time for you two, and I agree with Kara - maybe your wife ovulated later than expected and things are right on track, so enjoy each and every moment you have. This is a wonderful time and I'm sure you will relax after the 12 week mark. I wish you all the best!!



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