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id - October 3

I'm sorry for everyones loss! I was 6 weeks along and found out Friday that I had a blighted ovum. The doc gave me cytotec pills to complete the miscarriage but after taking 21 pills we realized it was not going to work so I'm now scheduled for a D & C on Wednesday, which also happens to be my birthday. Anyway, right before I became pregnant I found out that I had moderate to severe dysplasia and would need to have a leep done. Since I got pregnant they were going to wait till after I delivered. Now that I miscarried the doctor wants me to get on birth control till after my leep but it took us 5 months to get pregnant so I don't think it's neccesary. My husband and I are heartbroken and want to try to concieve right away and put off the leep since there are slight fertility risks involved with it. What do you guys think? Should we get everything in order before trying again or just go for it? Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


My answer - October 4

Hi there, I'm sorry to sound ignorant, but what is a leep?


i - October 4

Cervical LEEP is a procedure used to treat cervical dysplasia. Dysplasia is a precancerous change in the skin on the cervix. Many patients with abnormal PAP smears have an underlying dysplasia. The treatment for dysplasia is to remove or destroy the abnormal skin.How is a LEEP procedure performed? A speculum is placed in the v____a just like for a PAP smear. The doctor will then place a numbing medicine in the cervix (similar to what the dentists use to numb your teeth before filling.) After the cervix is numb, a special wire loop is used to remove the abnormal area. The wire loop is hooked up to a special electrical machine and a sticky pad is placed on your leg in order to complete the electrical circuit.


Cyndi - October 4

I am very sorry for your loss I have had two blighted ovums in a row in less than 6 months, I just had my second m/c a week ago, I am0 going to try again right away I am not going to wait for a/f. As long as putting off your procedure cannot harm you, I say put it off for a while and give you and your husband that baby you guys long for. You know you can get pregnant and most likely next time it will be a healthy pregnancy, if that procedure can lessen your chance of concieving put it off for a while. I know how it feels to try try try again and I dont wish that on anyone, good luck and baby Dust to you....


i - October 4

Thank you Cyndi and good luck to you too!!!



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