Incompetent Cervix

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Brandi - March 21

Hi,I'm 21 weeks pregnant.At 15 weeks,I had a cerclage put in to hold my cervix closed.I'm so worried about all the what ifs.I wanted to know if any ladies out there,have had this done and if it worked?I lost my first 2 and I'm worried about losing this one.My doctor says everything is fine and my cervix is still going strong.Please if you have any advice,I would love to hear from you.I really dont know what to do,besides pray and let the days go by.Please help.


Erin - March 22

hi, my cousin had st_tches put in to hold her cevix closed and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now a VERY active 2 year old. She had lost her son at 21 weeks gestation because of her having an incompetent cervix. I wouldnt worry if you have a good doctor and trust him/her. i know that is easier said than done but try to relax and enjoy everything. Good luck. i have faith that everything will be ok for you as it was for my cousin.


Sarah - March 28

Hey Brandi, I lost me baby at 18 weeks cus of a incom cervix and My dr says Ill have a Cerclage too on my next one! I have only read on the internet sucess stories and its supposes to really work!! SOO good luck to you!! I hope all goes well! My dr did say when I do have it put in No house work, cleaning, lifting, s_x, swimming ect! Seriously a baby is more important than anything. DONT strain your body with that st_tch in there just relax and enjoy the new little on in you!!


Dena - March 31

Hi Branda, I had not had any problems with my daughter 6 years prior to being pregnant with my son. While on vacation 700 miles from home, my husband and my doctor I began bleeding heavily. The doctors at that time could not find what was causing the bleeding but when I returned home, my doctor indicated that I had an incompetent cervix. After being placed on strict bed rest for a week, I received the McDonald Cerclage. Everything turned out great and I was able to resume my normal activities throughout my pregnancy. Be aware, that once you have an incompetent cervix you will always have an incompetent cervix with any additional pregnancies and require a cerclage.


Lisa Durr - April 22

Hello, I know exactly how you feel, I will be having a cerclage in 2 weeks time. The reason I am in need of this procedure is, 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter, I received treatment for cancer cells in my cevix. The timeing was so close to the birht a large portion of my cervix was removed, I now have a 'very short cevix'. I was told that I would need this procedure if I was to become pregnant again. The doctors have said that I have a 90% chance of carring to term. I will take all of there advise, say a prayer for the little one, try not to stress and get on with enjoying life. I wish you all the best, I know it is hard but do try and enjoy being pregnant, it is one of the most wonderful experieces in life!


Preethi - April 29

Dear Brandi, I know how you feel because i lost my first baby due to incompetent cervix .. I am 21 weeks pregnant too and have had a cerclage at 12 weeks. I have heard many sucess stories and i;m sure you will be able to have a safe and healthy delivery. I have been advised not to do any house work, no s_x. no activity at all which will help . I am praying for all expectant mothers with problems and don't worry we all have similar doubts but God is with us



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