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ELS - November 10

Any other ladies been diagnosed as having an incompetent cervix? I have been diagnosed with IC but I did not have a history of any procedures done on my cervix. Just curious about any other women with this diagnosis and how did you preganacy or subsequent pregnancies go?


shaletta - November 12

Hi ELS, i too have been diagnosed with an incompetant cervix, i lost 2 babies both at 4 months each, i do not have a history of any procedures on my cervix either, i have a distant aunt who suffered from this same condition, and my doc said it is hereditary as well, she died of b___st cancer, we weren't very close so i did not know that she had an incompetant cervix until later. I received a cerclage (the st_tch on the cervix) with my daughter Alana, she'll be 3 the day after Thanksgiving, and i am pregnant now due December 11, the cerclage comes out in a week. so i may not go til December, which is fine with me. So this was my 2nd cerclage, and it worked. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]


erica - November 12

Hi Im 19 I just gave birth on sept 23, ne ways my mom had my lil brother 2 years ago and she had two miscarriage previous to him one at like 11 weeks one at 16 and found out it was due to an imcompetent cervix. So what they did for my moms last one was a st_tching of the cervix, it went well til about five and a half month into the pregnancy then she started bleeding. So they had her rushed to a hospital three hours away and put on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. well finally at 35 weeks they performed a c-section (because all her kids were born this way, me being first:) because of being breech) ne who, he is now two years old and one of the cutest lil boys next to his nephew:). Just wanted to tell ya that it can work out for ya:)


ELS - November 13

Thank you so much for all your information. I just need to hear some good news about subsequent pregnancies with the v____al cerclage placement. I am very happy that things have worked out for all. I didn't realize that it was hereditary, I have 2 aunts who both had premature births as well. I wonder if they both had IC? Again, thank you for your posts.



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