Induction Vs D Amp C

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Kira_lynn - July 10

If you read, "17weeks and Placenta Problems.... induction next week", you'll get the whole jist of my story. I was just wondering why they induce and dont do a d&c? The baby will not live for more than a minute and isnt a d&c less painful. I really dont know what to expect with an induction (im sure she'll explain it tomorrow). I know they insert tablets into my va___a and then let it progress on its own. They will give pain meds and an anti-stress drug (still coherent). Im wondering if i start bleeding in the bed, or can i use a toilet, and if the fetus will be taken away right away? If anyones can share some insight it would be helpful, thanks.


SaraH - July 10

Kira_lynn, I'm sorry for your loss. It must be devastating to get so far and then be let down. As for your question of isn't a d&c less painful? I think that for the mother yes a d&c is probably less painful (although I've never had one, so some of the other girls who have may be more qualified to answer that than I am). For the baby though if the nervous system is functioning a d&c could be painful (the nervous system is responsive by about the 10th week I believe), --you said much of your baby isn't functioning b/c of the problems so I don't know how responsive it is to stimuli and such but normally at 17 w it can feel.-- A D&C is not normally preformed after I believe 12 or 15 weeks (not sure which). Secondly a D&C is done by dilating the mother and than using a sharp knife like instrument to sc___pe away the “tissue” and lining of the uterus (a suctioning device may also be used in it). So if the baby is alive and can feel you can imagine what a sharp instrument and a strong vacuum/suctioning devise does to a fragile little body -it could be painful, if the child can feel things. So for one, I think you are too far along for a D&C, and secondly if your baby is alive it may not be the "less painful" way to go. If you are going to end the pregnancy than from what I know inducing seems like a good way to go. Anyways, hope that helped answer your question. Again I'm so sorry for you and your dh. You’re in my prayers and I hope the procedure physically goes as smoothly as possible for you.


Kira_lynn - July 10

Thanks for your response SaraH. I should have written d&e. Its a different type of procedure, where they dilate then excavte the fetus, without any suction. I've read lots of hospitals doing these instead of inducing. They do it up until 23 weeks. I think its up to the hospital where im going. Perhaps an induction is safer, im not sure.


SaraH - July 11

Kira_lynn, I don't know why the hospital decides one form over the other. While I’m not a doc. so I don’t have all the answers on this…from what I know, and from my stand point, I would still think that an induction would be the best method for the baby. Maybe you already know this but a D&E could also be quite painful for the baby. I don't know if you know how it is preformed, but it is generally a 2nd trimester method and in order to remove the fetus the doc. generally use a curette and a vacuum (like in a D&C) if the baby is younger than...I think it's16 weeks. If the baby is older than those 16 weeks than they have to use a forceps to (sorry if this is a bit awful sounding) separate the baby into small enough components that can be remove one at a time. This is done without any sort of pain killers for the infant so…if the nervous system is working a D&E could also be pretty painful to the baby. Anyways, again I’m sorry and my prayers are with you and your dh. This must be very difficult, and if you need to talk the girls on this sight are all so good and helpful so...feel free to vent if you need to. Prayers and HUGS



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