Infection After Miscarriage

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SG - January 28

Hi, I was wondering what the symptoms are of an infection after miscarriage. My doctor told me to wait to have intercourse for one week after the miscarriage to avoid "infection". My husband and I have yet to do anything, but I'm noticing some yellowish dishcharge, no other symptoms though. Could I have an infection?? Thank you!


kate - January 28

A fever would be a probable sign of infection.


Tara - January 28

some women get discharge and it's normal for them, but if this is unusual for you I would have it checked out. Another sign of infection might be if it has a bad odor to it. But to ease your mind I'd say you should have it checked out & if it is an infection at least you can stop it before it spreads.


Christine - May 31

I was wondering what your results were. I have a future dr appointment but have had the same symptoms following my miscarriage. I tested negative for yeast, trich, clue cells, chlamydia and gonorrhoeae. The ER gave me a dx of unknow etiology for the discharge and now I have to wait another week to see my GYN.


crisy - May 31

Hi SG. If you have no fever, no abdominal pain, no foul smelling bleeding and if you don't have uterine pain you probably don't have an infection. How many weeks were you when you miscarried? How many days did you bleed? Usually after a woman has a miscarriage or after she gives birth the uterus tries to go back to the pre-pregnancy state. The bleeding is more red in the beginning then becomes like a white or yellowish discharge called ''lochia alba''. However, if you have any of the symptoms I said before you should consult with your doctor. Take care.


Niki - May 31

Hi, i had a m/c and D & C one month ago and we didnt have any s_x until 2 weeks after it but one week ago i had infection and i had yeast, i dont know,but Doc told me, some wemen have infection after D &C . I hope i help you.


Stephanie - June 10

I am 18 and June 4th I had a miscarriage, I didn't know I was pregnant, but I was...5 + months. I named the baby Samuel and burried him...every doctor I have seen refuses to examine me, they doubt I was pregnant because it runs in my family for horomone levels to read low even during pregnancy. I know it was a miscarriage, it was well formed...the only problem is the fetus was headless...we are unsure if it was flushed with the afterbirth or not...all we recovered was the body. I don't know what to do considering no doctor will see me without the proof and I am not digging up my baby boy for some c___p head to poke and prod at it, I have been having bleeding, but no odor or anything like that. Just pain and continuing symptoms of pregnancy. What do you think I should do?


tara - July 10

im having bad stomach pain and brown looking discharge is this infection


Lucy - July 11

Oh Stephanie I am so sorry that must have been so distressing for you I cant say how sorry I was to read what you have been through. And how much worse you aren't being taken seriously can you find a different doctor? That is a shocking way to treat someone and you have had such an ordeal. You poor love I am so sorry...


Nicola Love - August 30

Hi, After I had my m/c I was told that a number of things can indicate an infection. Discharge in itself is usually fine, it's when it is accompanied by a foul smell (sorry tmi) that it could indicate a problem. A fever, unexplainable cramping, spotting and abdominal pain are the 'cla__sic' signs that there may be an infection there but from what you are describing I think you are alright. Obviously, if you are worried about it in any way then you should just give your doctor a visit to be on the safe side. Hope this has helped a bit. Nic x


Jane - September 19

SG, you will know if you have an infection by the pain it causes you and the horrible smell of your discharge. It has happened to me after a missed miscarriage, misoprostal, haemmoraging, a D&C, and a bladder infection in the last 3 weeks! The infection is very painful and the smell is just awful. Unless you get those symptoms, don't worry, you are probably going to be okay. But if you get any signs of the symptoms, see a doctor right away. Good luck.


Stephanie - September 20

Thanks - and I was told by one doctor that there was no way I had been - and another refused to even look at me, she said she no longer dealt with OB and that teens shouldn't be having s_x anyway. It was ridiculous. My son would have been born this month. :(


chelsea - January 25

STEPHANIE: there's no way you could have m/c at 5+ months and not actually go into labor. i was barely 5 months and i had contractions and had to give birth. plus, your supposed to see an OBGYN/midwife FIRST who will give you an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy whether you had a positive stick test or not. the fact that you didn't do that...puzzles me. and if you are gonna claim to have been 5 months pregnant in june and you were "due" in september, that would mean you'd be having a baby at only 8 months.


sweetpea78 - January 27

hi,i hd my m/c 5weeks ago im still bleeding and ha an infection the smell is so bad its likegone off meat,im a bit worryed abt bleeding for so long and wondered if anyone eles has bled for so long x


Dakotaangle - February 20

I herd you can have a D&C done depending of how big the sack is up to five months. I lost my baby heart beat at seven weeks. My doctor gave me choices. I didn't get a D&C done. I took this little white pill. My doctor told me I will start bleeding heavy around six hours. I had little blood at first with a lot of pain. Six hours later I started to bleed heavy with pain around ten PM. I had a period the next moth and it lasted seven days with normal bleeding. It came too short in the month. A week latter I started to spot and think I might have an infection. I herd if you don't get it all out. People have to go back to get a D&C done. I am heart broken. I lost this angel baby. I am still waiting for my doctor to call back.



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