Irregular Pain And Bleeding Following Miscarriage

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josie mk - October 27

I had a mid-trimester miscarriage eight weeks ago. I was sixteen weeks pregnant. I have light to heavy irregular bleeding and abdominal pain still. Have been treated with antibiotics. Have no idea about my menstrual cycle stage at all. I am worried there is something seriously wrong with me.


GimmeaBub - October 27

Hunny, when i had a miscarriage, i was told as soon as i had any bad pain or heavy bleeding, or irregular bleeding to go back and have a scan to make sure all the baby was out of me. Have you had a scan done yet? I think it takes some time for the bleeding to stop the further more into pregnancy you get before miscarrying, i would strongly advice you see your dr and have them asess you one more time to make sure everything is going like clock work. Best of luck and Baby Juice


Tory1980 - October 27

I am sorry to hear you have lost your little one. Anti-biotics would treat an infection but not if there is retained tissue. I a__sume since you haven't mentioned it you didn't have a D&C after you delivered. I would also suggest what GimmeaBub has done and that is to get a scan and get checked by your doctor again as what you are describing is definitely not normal. After my second m/c at 14w4d they had to do an emergency D&C the following day due to the bleeding and a scan showing not everything had been pa__sed, I have had three term pregnancies (not trying to upset you) but I have never had bleeding like you are describing for that length of time and never with pain. Please get checked over. Take care.


josie mk - October 29

Hi thanks for the advice folks. I miscarried in the gynecology ward over night. I was told by the nurse that the placenta has come away complete. I saw my baby too and he seemed complete. I bled heavily at the time i laboured and continued to bleed heavily for the following 12 hours. The night I came home (next day) the bleeding was slowing up to be like a period but i had a temperature and was cramping still. The temperature went away but the period like bleeding and uterine ache continued over two to three weeks. In which time i was treated with anitbiotics and tested for infection. Test results came back clear. After three weeks the bleeding stopped but my uterus was still achy and uncomfortable feeling. I went back to the doctors for a full examination. She said everything felt and looked normal and repeated my antibiotics and prescribed more painkillers for the uterine discomfort. Five weeks after the miscarriage and two weeks since a bleed i began bleeding again. I bled for a week and it was just like a period. It stopped for a week then started again for the next seven days. It has been lighter than a period this time i guess but still causing me concern as it is irregular and there is still much uterine discomfort. I have an outpatients appointment tomorow morning at gynecology. Will write back to you all and let you know what happens. I worry that something serious is wrong with me because i had real problems with my pregnancy all along. At five weeks i started bleeding heavily and it continued till i was ten weeks pregnant. I had beeen being seen at the early pg clinic. They always said there was a high chance i was going to miscarry because there was an area of bleeding in the womb near the pregnancy. Anyway i didnt miscarry till 16 weeks and that was even after no bleed for 6 weeks and several scans showing the baby to be fine. I was asked by the hosp at the time i miscarried if i wanted them to do tests on me and the baby to finf a reason why it happened. I was in too much shock and said no. So it remains a tragic mystery. I have a daughter who is ten so i know at one time i could carry a baby and am wondering what went wrong this time and why at 16 weeks. I am feeling very much at this time like i want to get my body healthy and sorted out so i can try for another baby but scared incase it happens again. Thanks for listening.


nats xxx - October 29

i lost my little boy at 20 weeks just under 11 weeks ago. was hard as he never actually died until i was giving birth to him, i culd even still feel him moving about up until half an hour before having him. they say i have a weak cervix and therefore even tho he was still alive and had nothing wrong a m/c was inevitable. nxt time they will place a st_tch inside me to hold baby in place. what is my concern however is that i am still bleedin and have only stopped for 1 day since losin him. the docs dnt seem concerned but they havent dealt well with my pregnancy and have got alo of things wrong so am i wary of their advice. please can any help x


josie mk - November 1

Hi Nats. Im really sorry for your loss. My bleeding and cramps have now stopped after 8 weeks. Having been at the hospital i was sent for an ultra sound to check that no products remained. The results came back clear. It sounds like maybe you should do the same. Contact the gynecology clinic at your nearest hospital or insist your doc makes a referal and get checked out with the specialists. I think your bleeding will stop soon, probably when you next ovulate. I was told it can take 3 months or more for things to completely settle down. But just to be sure you should insist on a scan. Do you plan to try for another baby?



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