Irregular Sac Shape

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emma b - July 18

I had an u/s at 6.5 weeks, no heart beat was seen, I was told that the sac was an irregular shape, more like a long oval shape instead of round.Also the sac lay near the bottom of the uterus near the cervix.I have been told to prepare for a miscariage and have another u/s in 2 weeks time.Anyone in a similar situation or been through this?


Kim - July 18

Hello Emma. :-) First let me say, I'm so sorry you got bad news. I got similar news at 7 weeks that there were problems with my sacs (gestational sac underdeveloped; yolk sac too large) and that I would probably miscarry. Although I did about two weeks later, I have read on this post several stories of women who were told to wait for a miscarriage...and never had one; instead went on to carry healthy babies. Hang in there. Also, six weeks is still pretty early to detect heartbeat...your sweet baby could just be a slow starter! I have not heard much about an irregular shaped sac, but I have read that often a problem with the sac shape could be caused by irregularities in the shape of the uterine cavity, or it could be beginning to collapse into a miscarriage. If they find heartbeat in 2 weeks when you go in for your next u/s, that is a good sign and carries a high probability of continued pregnancy...BEST of luck to you!!!


kc - July 19

emma - sorry for the bad news. My situation was similar execpt when I had an ultrasound my baby's heart was beating and the baby was moving. I also had an elongated sac they called it. The doc told me not to worry since the baby looked okay. Right size, good heart beat ect. I was mildly spotting brown, only noticed when going potty. The day after the ultrasound I lost my baby. I'm not sure if it was the elongated sac or an attachment problem. Very upsetting. I'm very sorry you have to go through this. Lots of luck.


Q - July 19

Emma, things may be fine for you. I know the wait is hard though. I had an ultrasound at 5w5d, no heartbeat and sac was shaped similar to yours it sounds like. Kinda like a peanut - ish. I went in at 7w and the heartbeat was there and everything. Unfortunately, I had another ultrasound done at 10w5d, and there was no heartbeat or growth, so I am preparing for a miscarriage. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it could go either way for you. Try not to worry too much and just enjoy what you can. Best wishes


emma b - July 25

thank you all for responding. I had my second u/s early because I was bleeding. I had it on friday. We had prepared ourselves for the worst but, to our complete shock, there was a little 8wk fetal pole with a lovely healthy heart beat! The pain I have been experiencing has been put down to a huge cyst I have on my right ovary. They explained that the sac looked an irregular shape because I had an internal scan and my uterus is very tilted therefore, they could not see it's proper shape but when they did an external scan, it looked completely normal as well as the place it is situated in the uterus.We are over the moon. So good luck to all of you, and remember if you have been told to prepare for miscarriage, it's not always going to happen. Thanks for reading.


tessy424 - September 28

I am in the same sort of situation right now. I am going for a follow up approx 10 wk ultrasound wed next week. At my first US 5w there was no heartbeat and the sac was elongated. At 7 weeks there was a "strong heartbeat" and some growth in the sac but still elongated. I am praying for you and for me, we will make it through this.


Lindzi1 - October 10

Hi emma I know exactly how u feel seriously! Lets start by saying 2 week ago I was in the same situation as you. I went to the hospital with some slight spotting of brown discharge. I was totally panic stricken cause the same thing happened in june this year when I miscarried. Anyway I went along nervous as hell and they did a scan. The scan confirmed that the sac was an irregular shape and basically I was told to go home and come back in 2 week for a repeat ultra sound. They sent me home with the knowledge I would miscarry before my next appointment and to add insult to injury a pile of leaflets to help with a miscarriage. I have been today for my 2nd ultra sound and the lady seemed more experienced and yipee I was misdiagnosed and I am 7 week and 2 days pregnant so you never know don't believe everything they tell you! I also knew Emma cause my symptoms seemed to get stronger. Its still early days yet but fingers crossed everything will work out. What im trying to say is your probebly too early for them to making a__sumptions like that! Good luck chicken xx


Paige - January 29

Hi, I'm glad your over the moon. You sound alot like me....I had my tubes done 3 years ago, and found out i was pregnant. I would only be 5 weeks right now but I've many ultra sounds and blood work...yesterday I was told my G bag still has nothing in it and it now looks irregular, they cant see any heart beat, I to have t_tled uterus and a cyst on my ovary. they didn't think anything about that. all my u/s have been vag. u/s. The doctor wants me to do a d&n asap. My levels (hcg) were doing great now not so much just staying steady but not dropping either. I don't know what to do should i wait? Im not bleeding nor have any pain anywhere. This would be my 5th child.


tdo - February 3

lind, tessy and emma, Ohhhhh, I"m hoping I have the same outcome. I've been told my 2 sacs are irregular in shap and no yolk or fetal pole has been detected. I have a f/u u/s tomorrow. Its been nearly 3 weeks since they told me this & I have no signs of a m/c. Tomorrow I'm hoping for good news! If the diagnosis is the same, I need to move on. I would love to m/c naturally, but emotionally can't handle it. Happy to hear about your success stories. xxxxxxx


heatherfeather - February 13

Wow so glad to find you guys on here! Im 5 weeks and my trans vag scan showed a oval shaped sac. Doc was concerned told me 50/50 chance. Next scan 8 days away! I need some positive outcomes or Im going to stress out waiting. I have no bleeding or spotting


bigmama - February 18

I went to Dr today to go over my ultrasound from last Thursday, tech would not tell me anything, This has been a weekend of hell. I went to Dr today as I said she tells me g- sack is abnormal shaped or it may be fluid, She said pregnancy is not viable I am measuring 5 weeks 1 day. she wants to schedule dn&. I choose to wait from reading all of you guys posting I still find hope. Go for another ultrasound on the 21st one week after the first. I am praying for my baby and all of yours. I have cried more tears than i thought possible. God Bless all of us and prayers for each.


tdo - February 19

bigmama & heatherf, I understand the stress & sadness a__sociated with inconclusive ultrasounds, the loooong waits in between appts & especially bad news. I am sorry you too have to go through this heartbreaking experience. Remember you're not alone & we are thinking of you.Please, keep us updated..


jackiegirl - February 22

Hello...I was wondering how things turned out for all on the women who posted here..I went to get an u/s today and was told that i had an irregular shaped sac and that it lay near the bottom of the uterus near the cervix. Dr has scheduled me for d&c but I'm trying to figure out if i should wait. I'm abut 6 weeks pg and I just dont know anymore. She didnt even take blood test, though last time I had gone to the dr my hcg was going up normally....I'm spotting only when I wipe and it's just very lite brown discharge. I should accept this but I'm really struggling...i wonder if i'm just being delusional but if there are any good outcomes here, i'd love to hear about them


cairo1616 - January 10

Hi, if anyone could help me. I am a bit concerned, I had a v____al ultrasound at 11 weeks and 6 days and I saw the baby and heartbeat (130). At 12 weeks 4 days I saw my family doctor who told me the report from the ultrasound stated I had an irregular shaped sac but told not to worry about it. However after researching on the internet, I am now concerned and won't be seeing my OB for another 4 weeks. Do people have successful pregnancy with an irregular shaped sac.


kcz2007 - March 24

cairo1616 Hi there? I know its been a while back. I was wondering how your pregnancy has been going. I just went in for an ultrasound and was told that the shape of my gestational sac was irregular but had a strong heartbeat (140) and everything else seem to be fine. Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy knowing this info???


love4lifexx - July 11

hi anyone there??? trying to find someone to talk to i had some brown discharge when i wiped myself in the morning so went for scan as i have had to mc before the scan showed a heart beat they said not very strong and there was a yolk but the sac was irregular and to prepare myself for mc and got to go back in 14 days they cancelled my midwife i just cant get my head around it my date are wrong to they think i should be that im 8-9 weeks but the scan shows im 6wks i think this would be right as my cyle is not 28 days please help thanks x


smmz - December 3

hi this is the first time i share this,, i had 3 D&C and this is my 5th preg and im having bleeding (period like bleeding) im supposed to be 7 weeks preg but US shows only 4 wks, no yolk sac, elongated g sac.. i did an hcg it was 709 and after 5 days it became 1021,, and thats not normal.. i feel very sad and beging the doc to terminate this preg she is asking me to wait for 2 wks!!! i don't believe that there is a hope, yet i don't know if i want to have another hcg.. what do u think??



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