Is Is True You Are Fertile After A Miscarriage

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helenmac - January 14

Does anybody know the answer to this question? I have heard many conflicting stories. I hope it is true as it took so long for me to fall pregnant only for it to end up in miscarriage. I can't stand the thought of waiting another year to fall pregnant again the next time!!!


Ella82 - January 16

Hi helenmac, i have read and was told by some people that you are very fertile after a m/c, i had a miscarriage in early nov and got my first period about 5 weeks after on Dec 12. Its been a little over 10 weeks since i had my miscarriage. I tested a couple of days ago and now i am 5weeks pregnant i feel very blessed! So maybe it is true, i did however fall pregnant with my first pregnancy on our 2nd month of really trying. I hope that you fall pregnant quickly and you have a healthy baby. You really need to make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready to try again. Good Luck!


Ella82 - January 16

Opps sorry i forgot to mention sorry for your loss x


katez - January 16

sorry for your loss. i too had a miscarrige. 5 and a half weeks ago, i think i have experienced implantation bleeding on sunday and it is now wed (im in australia) i did a test and it is negative, but i am convinced i am pregnant.


Ella82 - January 16

Hi katez i am from australia too! i am sorry for you loss, if you think you are pregnant maybe wait a few days and test again, if it is still negative maybe it is taking a while for your cycle to get back on track. Good luck and ~*~Babydust~*~


helenmac - January 16

Hey Ladies, It looks like we are all from Australia!! Yes I'm definately physically and emotionally ready. I've been ready for over a year now. I've moved on from my miscarriage and have the view that it is so common and I'm being possitive that'll happen again very soon!! Sorry for your m/c too. Katez - Good luck hope you get a BFP and sorry for your loss.


consy - January 21

Hi girls! Sorry for your loss helenmac, and from what i understand you are very fertile after a m/c. I am on a thread called 'wanting to try again' where there are about 4-5 girls who have fallen pregnant before their first cycle after m/c, one of them being me, and we are all over the 12 weeks now. So it seems to be that your fertility rises after a mc, although we were all warned not to try for a couple of cycles because it might result in chem pregnancies or m/c, but i think we are a lucky thread! I too am from australia - Perth. xx


Mega - January 22

Hi Helenmac. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a m/c myself last month, around 12/4. It was a IVF pg, actually using a frozen embie. It ended up as a blighted ovum & I naturally m/c at 7 weeks. Well fast forward 1 1/2 months & I was still eagerly awaiting AF to show up so I could start IVF again...Nothing. I finished my last Prometrium pill last Sunday and by Friday I started getting worried b/c Prometrium usually works fast for me. So just on some whim I took a HPT, and the 2nd line showed up dark & fast. I had a beta hcg on Saturday, it was nice & high, 2,194. And I'm waiting for the results of my 2nd beta today. So while it's early, I'm still hopeful, this is much higher than my m/c cycle beta ever got. So I got pg on my own, despite the fact we have male factor & I have PCOS too. I was quite shocked on Friday needless to say. So yes I truly believe you are more fertile after a m/c & I am 110% sure if I hadn't m/c last cycle I wouldn't be here pg on my own now. So good luck to you & the rest of the ladies on this thread. By the way, I'm from the US, not Australia. :)


stefkay - January 22

helenmac, I got pregnant two times within 3-4 months after my first miscarriage, but unfortunately they both ended in very early losses (chemical pregnancies, I guess). My dr. said it may have been because I had a d&c for the first m/c so my body wasn't ready yet and neither was my lining. I'd be hesitant myself to try again too soon after my current m/c (not sure if it's going to happen naturally or with another d&c) because I'm afraid it could end in another just prolonging the time my body needs to heal. I thiink most doctors advise to wait at least a cycle or two and now I know why...


Chas - January 25

Helen, i don't think it is true. I miscarried back in April 06 and had a d&c. I still have not gotten pg again.


kiza - January 25

Hi Ladies, I had a stillborn daughter at 20 weeks in oct 2004, I was preggers again 6 weeks later only to m/c again, then a couple of months after that I m/c again. So I think everybody is different. It then took me 8 months to fall again, unfortunately this also ended at 22 weeks. I have now been trying since may 2006 with no luck so far. I wish you all the best for the future. PS. I'm also from Australia. Happy Austarlia Day to everyone. Aussie,Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!. LOL. Kiza xxxxx


cindernar - January 26

So sorry for your loss, helenmac. FYI, my mom popped up pregnant with twins after a miscarriage!!! Good luck to you.


rjrmi - January 29

I hope to give you guys hope.....I miscarried on September 17th and after my first normal period (6 weeks later) I got pregnant! Hang in there ladies. I am now 4 days into the second trimester-it will happen for you too!


helenmac - January 29

Hi Ladies, Thanks so much for your replies. I didn't fall pregnant the ovulation straight after my miscarriage and now I'm waiting to see if I am pregnant after the first AF. Don't think I am but if not hopefully it'll be in the next cycle. It's so hard when you have waited so long to fall pregnant the first time, I just hope I don't have to wait for too long. Good luck to everyone.


sososleepy - February 4

helenmac, I sure hope so! I can't answer because I don't know for sure yet, mc only last Sunday (it's Sunday now so 1 week ago with dnc Monday, was 9 weeks along). I figured since I began MC with period like cramps and bleeding that I ought to start trying again by the middle of this week because I've heard you're more fertile after mc, dnc, or pg too, but the doc refused to say I could do, um, you know, until he sees me next Monday and my husband was there to here the NO so he won't touch me (gurr grump aargh feet stomping frustrated!). I did start charting my temp this am... so I will be able to post if I find a spike or mucus change that would imply ovulation. I want to try RIGHT NOW; am dreading af. I really hope he says OK on Monday and I get pg immediately (told hubby if doc says yes we go straight home from appt, try, then go to work. If he says wait, I think I'll ignore him.) I'm sorry you're here for similar reasons. I'm glad so many of you got pg again fast or know someone that did. I'm not from Australia, but I've noticed that you have the very best web sites there; Is the Australian IQ higher? I'm from Florida, USA.



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