Is It Possible I Miscarried One Twin

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cadi0327 - July 14

When I was six weeks pregnant I started haveing a lot of bleeding and clotting. I recieved an ultrsound it showed everything was fine, my cervix was closed and the sack was in place. This was the first ultrasound I had recieved since I found out I was pregnant. Later that night when I was home I passed what seemed to be the sac so I collected it and brought it to my doctor. She confirmed. I was then giving methergine to contract the uterus and hopefully flush remaining tissue out. When I went back to the doctors for another ultrasound to make sure the uterus was empty there was still a sac in there. I needed to have a d&c done to remove it. I asked my doctore if the sac was still in the uterus then what did I bring in to her a few days ago, she was confused and said maybe it was part of your placenta. I have three questions...1. Can you tell the difference between a sac and the placenta? 2. I have a line of twins on my side of the family, is it possible I was pregnant with twins and indeed did pass one of them and one was fine as the first ultrasound indicated? 3. If I had a normal ultasound with a closed cervix where was the bleeding and clotting coming from?


stefkay - July 14

cadi, did your doctor do another ultrasound before giving you the methergine (not sure what this is--does it help a miscarriage along?) to see what was going on in there? You most definitely can miscarry one twin and keep the other and it be healthy and go to term. I would be shocked if the dr. gave you something to miscarry without checking to see if there was anything in the uterus with a heartbeat, etc...


baby_cakes - July 14

yeah it sounds like u were indeed preggo with twins and u were miscarring one. the other one may of been fine since u had a ultrasound and it looked good. whatever the dr gave u more and likly caused u to lose the other one. the dr thought i was preggo with twins aand said that u can lose one and carry the other to term. u will either bleed when u miscarry or it will be absorbed back into the body and u'll find out u lost one twin on ultrasound. hope this helps


stefkay - July 14

baby cakes is totally right...I know two women just off the top of my head in the 2nd and 3rd tri boards right now who started with twins and are now carrying healthy single babies. I know one's body reabsorbed the twin that stopped growing and the other one I think actually miscarried (pa__sed) the non viable twin. Good luck and I'm so very sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you really REALLY deserve some answers.



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