Is It Possible To Ovulate 12 Days After A Miscarriage

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madison - February 21

i had a D&C miscarriage 12 days ago and just thought i would take an ovulating stick and it came up positive- could this be correct? i am not bleeding anymore but do have some light brown discharge- this is what the doctor called it yesterday when i went for my follow-up appt.


Suebee - February 21

Hi Madison, yes it is possible to ovulate 12 days after a miscarriage. I had a natural miscarriage on the 11th of Dec, I ovulated around the 21st , had my first AF on the 10th of Jan. So, basically my body went back on schedule pretty quickly. ( I was 7w3d) Hope this helps.. take care..


madison - February 21

ok now i am even more confused. i took a pregnancy test just to see if my preg. hormones are done to 0 and it came up positive still?! i took 2 ovulating tests and they are positive, too. how is this possible? also, did you ttc on that first ovulation or did you wait? i am a little scared because it is so soon, even though my doc told me yesterday we could start trying as soon as we wanted. i didnt expect to be ovulating this soon, well if i am, i dont see how i am if i still have the pregnancy hormone left? does anyone know the answer to this?


madison - February 21

thanks suebee for the reply, didnt mean to say you confused me. i've read on the internet that yes you ovulate before getting your period back. i'm just wondering if we should try again already or if this is too early? thanks again! best of luck to you, are you still waiting for af?


deltabwa - February 21

that is personal decision if you ttc already. most ppl feel more comfortable waiting one cycle. kinda gives their body time to readjust and the uterus lining a chance to regulate again. its a completely personal choice. lots of ppl get pg right away but it is a rare event however, occa__sionally the opk will pick up the hcg hormone which could be what is giving you the + hpt. see it is a rare thing to happen but according to this, it does happen occa__sionally


Susan W - February 22

You sure can ovulate that soon. I had a natural m/c January 15th. I ovulated February 3-5 and I've turned up pregnant again already. I was not planning this and we actually took steps to prevent pregnancy, but apparently not enough! I wanted more time to recuperate emotionally. You're the only one who can decide that.


Kim L - February 22

Hi Madison: if pregnancy tests are still coming up positive, you are not ovulating. That means that there is still leftover hcg from your pregnancy lingering. You will not ovulate until your level is back under 5. It can take a little while - sometimes it happens really quick and sometimes it doesn't. I've heard lots of doctors say you cannot rely on opk tests right after a miscarriage - they will most likely come back positive for a while too, until all the hcg has left and you are back to the drawing board. Hang in there...


Susan W - February 22

I'd suggest that you check out the website delta left, and I responded to your other thread too. That website is pretty interesting. . . .. And to clarify, I had stopped all bleeding, even the discharge. and began to see signs I was getting ready to ovulate about 3 days after all that ended. I was nearly 12 weeks, and my body apparently cleared everything pretty quickly to get back in the game that soon. . . . Just be patient. Meanwhile, are you doing OK emotionally??


MelissaK - February 22

Hi all - The same basic molecular structure in lutenizing hormone (LH) is the same as HCG. So if you still have any HCG in your system, and LH test will pick up on this at the molecular level and give you a false positive. It can take weeks for the hcg to get out of your system. Best advice is to just wait for that first cycle and then everything will basically be back to normal. For the record I had 2 mc's this year. The first was at 14 weeks and it took 50 days for my first AF. The second was 3 weeks ago (it sux to be me). I am still waiting on AF from that one. Hope this helps.


madison - February 22

thanks for all the answers, it makes sense and i did do some more research and yall are right. sorry for everyone's losses. this was our first pregnancy so its really hard not knowing what to expect this next time. susan W- congrats! how far along are you now? you asked how i am. i am doing pretty good i guess. just found out that 2 family members are pregnant so its been a hard week. they are due about the time i would have been due. everyone try to hang in there!


Suebee - February 22

Hi Madison.. to answer your question.. no I didn't ttc on the first ovulation, we decided to wait unti 1 cycle to pa__s first. I've know gone 2 cycles and are ttc at the moment. It is hard not knowing what to do but these girls on here are very informative and offer great advice and suggestions. Seems like you understand things alittle better. My sister in law is pregnant and is due a week after I was supposed to be due so I know how you feel about other family members being pregnant. It was hard at first but I wish her all the best of luck. Good luck Madison!


k. - February 22

Hi Girls, I had a miscarriage on Feb 4 at 5 weeks. This is my first day (Feb 22) 19 days since my MC with egg-white cervical mucous, so I guess I will be ovulating soon. One doc told me to wait a cycle and another told me that I can try ASAP. We are just letting nature take it's course. I guess if my body is not ready for me to be preggo, it won't happen, but I can't wait. We have a trip to Florida planned for next year so if I don't get pregnant either Feb or March, we are going to wait until the Fall. Good luck girls.


Susan W - February 23

Madison: I m/c January 15th, saw EWCM February 3-5 and apparently conceived between the 3rd and the 9th (at the latest), but I suspect the 4th or 5th. That makes me 2-2.5 weeks, I guess. I had two HCG quants done because we weren't positive it was a new pregnancy or still leftover, but it was definitely real. I'll have an u/s around 12 weeks to determine gestational age for sure. I use a midwife, so I don't do all those tests early on, which I can't really see the point of anyway. Can't do anything to prevent m/c, and seeing someone early early doesn't change any outcomes. I'll be seeing her when I'm around 10 weeks for my first checkup unless I notice something wrong before then. . ... Anyhow, right now, the best thing to do is take care of yourself emotionally and physically, and if you're doing OK, that's great.


jennifer0001 - April 10

Hi everyone, I had a normal MC on March 8th I was 6 weeks preg. Its. April 10th and I have not had my period yet. My Dr. said it could take up to 2 or 3 months to have a period again. My question is…..during the couple of months that you don’t have a period do you still ovulate? Also, when you notice the egg white discharge…have you already ovulated or are you getting ready to ovulate? Thanks so much everyone!!



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