Is Prometrium Bad For Our Baby

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mishad - February 25

Hi. I'm new to this. We have had three miscarriages and I have two kids. We recently found out that I am pregnant again. I am only about 4 weeks along and the doctor put me on prometrium/progesterone this time. Last time I was pregnant he had me on an oral medication that I think was just progesterone. This time I have the va___al suppositories and I googled prometrium/progesterone because I had not heard of prometrium before. I was reading on a drug info website,, and it said that women who are pregnant should not take prometrium because of "possibility of harm to a developing infant cannot be ruled out" Does anyone else know more about this? Thanks


Heidi Jo - February 25

Hi! Congratulations! God is blessing you and everything will be fine this time so try to relax and enjoy this wonderful journey!!!! I was also on prometrium during my last pregnancy and from the way I understand it you do not want to be taking it orally but if you have the suppositories or shots it is fine. I am not a doctor but that is what my doctor said. Do you know why you have had the losses? And if you don't want to talk about it that is fine. I was just wondering as we seem to have a similar background. I have two healthy children and I have had three losses in a row. Good luck mishad!!! Take care of you and your little baby!


mishad - March 4

Yes God is blessing us. I don't mind talking about it at all. In fact I would hope that my story would help to encourage others!!! I read more on the internet and as far as I understand it, prometrium is okay to take once you are already pregnant, just not when you are trying to get pregnant. The doctor told me when I was pregnant with my son that if I had been taking hormones with the pregnancy before him that I probably wouldn't have lost the baby. My hormone levels are out of balance and have been for years. God has been very faithful to us throughout all of this and in every other situation as well. Thanks for responding Heidi Jo. I wouldn't mind talking by email if you would like.



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